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Subject: disgusted former customer 

I have been a reader and support of your site since October of 2000.  
This could have been avoided and I could have continued as a customer.  

If you would have responded to any of my first three emails but you chose to ignore me 
and it made me mad.  By the time of my fourth one I was madder than hell.

You have chosen to believe a story that's not true.
Why would I choose to ignore someone trying to give me money?
I'm not sure your position is well thought out.

The truth is we've sold dozens of t-shirts over the last three years or so
and you're our first truly angry customer.
It costs alot more money to find and develop a new customer than to maintain a repeat customer.  
About the only time a regular customer leaves is due to poor service.  Or in this case a total service failure.  
But it is your business and your decision.  I can and will spend my money elsewhere.

Dude, how many apologies are enough?
How many times can I refund your money?

For some reason, you can't fathom that mistakes are possible.
It was a good eight years of supporting you and your website.  
But I will not donate money for a total and complete customer service failure.

Keith, at some point in your life, you might make a mistake.
I hope the person you offend is more tolerant than than you were with me.

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