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Subject: why do you bother anymore, Bart?

Bart, I’m so pissed off right now that I’m thoroughly convinced that it’s really not worth it to try to help 
Americans become aware that they need to do something, anything to keep these neo-Nazis from getting total 
control the next time around.  Perhaps they see it coming and choose either not to believe it or do nothing about it?

And the worse the backstreet, the poorer the backroad, the more right-wing Americans are.  I've never been able 
to reconcile that.  I have it here in the so-called “City of Brotherly Love.”  People I grew up with who lived on 
crime-ridden, drug-soaked side streets are extreme right-wing assholes – and proud of being so!  You have to 
sit down and re-evaluate things once in a while and ask if the struggle is really worth it.

I’m not trying to run away from having to do anything, but many times I question why folks bother with trying 
to change things because the masses are so satisfied with nothing and with being treated like shit.  They believe 
everything Fox Noise throws in their faces as fact and they attack you with gusto for forcing them to come out 
of their cocoons of ignorance.  Goodness forbid they should be required to think outside of that proverbial box.

And I wish I had some money to donate for the cause, Bart, but I haven’t worked in four years now (thanks to 
Bush and Cheney).  It’s gotten to the point where applying for a job at Dunkin’ Donuts has gotten competitive! 
(Praise be Bush and Cheney, again!)

George Carlin was so right, back in 2005: “You can tell who’s doing the voting by looking at the fucking election returns.” 
There’s also a so-called “controversial” routine he did in that same show, “Life is Worth Losing,” where he laid bare 
how this country is run that’s worth watching about a million times – because he spoke nothing but the deep, dark ugly truth. 
(Oh, George, where are you when we need you?)

Bart, America and Americans deserve everything they get.  Since they want to keep electing these neo-Nazi assholes, 
let them go without health care, let them fight for increasingly shittier jobs with lower pay (thank you again, Carlin), 
and continue to fight to have nothing while being used as cannon fodder for Bush/Cheney Co’s oil grab. 

Sorry for the pessimism, brother, but it’s clear Americans are not interested in improving their lots in life and you 
can’t help the ignorant.  Everyday slobs who think they’re part of the system – and not even a collapsed economy 
could wake them up to the fact that they don’t matter in the eyes of the richest 1%. 

Happy New Year - not!
 Donna in Philadelphia

Ignorance is the key.
Only in America would the people take to the streets in mobs to demand that nothing be done about the 
health care suystem that's not only bankrupting them, but the bastards don't pay off when you finally need them.

If the Democrats would list the facts, the people could learn.
Until that happens, they will remain Fox-ignorant.

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