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Subject: My Toyota has a problem 

Hey Bart,

Good for Toyota.

The seat belt retractor on my 1990 Acura Legend (184,950 miles) wasn't operating properly, 
and I was tired of it getting caught in the door, etc.  So, I took it to the Acura dealer expecting 
to pay big dollars.  They told me that it was a safety issue, and replaced it for free.

We also have a 2010 Prius (thanks for your tax contribution to 'Cash for Clunkers'), 
and I'm wondering if/when it is going to be recalled in light of all the Toyota bashing going on. 

Interesting side note on the Prius--no key in the ignition, just a 'proximity key' and a 'power' button.  
When you turn the power off, it automatically puts the car in 'park', so in the case of runaway acceleration 
(software problem?) I suspect (I haven't tested it, obviously) the car won't let you kill the power as 
that might damage the transmission.  I guess the answer is to put it in neutral, stand on the brake, 
and scream for mercy to the invisible cloud being, or maybe throw the key out the window?

Don, Shingle Springs

Don, you can still shift into neutral, right?
That 2010 Toyota I drove Monday was keyless but I could still shift it.

Stay safe - I can't lose any more pillars :)

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