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Thank God you don't live in Oklahoma
 by Mark Morford


This is about how the Oklahoma state legislature, as previously mentioned but not nearly sufficiently disgraced, 
has forced through three of the most appalling anti-choice, anti-woman, anti-motherhood laws in modern history.

One would require women seeking an abortion to fill out an exhaustive, 20-page questionnaire about all aspects 
of her personal life, which would be then given to a government agency for "analysis" and posted online. Another 
would force them to get an ultrasound and listen to a detailed description of the fetus before getting the procedure. 
Another would encourage doctors to lie to expecting mothers. Still another would tie women to a pickup truck and
drag them screaming through the streets for ever daring to have a vagina in the first place. I might be exaggerating 
that last one. But not by much.

It is not for this space to delineate all the ways these laws are an obvious abomination. (There were actually eight 
abortion-related laws slithering through OK's legislature. The state's Democratic governor, Brad Henry, has only 
vetoed three of them. Each time, the Oklahoma legislature overrode his vetoes).

Here is where we all offer up a collective cringe and recoil. Here is where we suggest, only barely jokingly, that if 
you live in Oklahoma, if you have a vagina and like to use it, if you are at any point hoping to expand your horizons 
and enjoy your body and celebrate feminine godhood in any way whatsoever, you should be packing your bags 
as soon as possible. Get the hell out. Now. Simple, really.

Yes, Oklahoma is that bad and they're so fucking proud of how backwards and ignorant they are.

I blame the Democrats for not giving ignorant hillbillies a reason to open their eyes and look forward.

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