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Why I hate that Bitch Hillary
  by Maureen Dowd

 Original Link

Hillary’s KO in the Congo (God, deliver me from shitty writers trying to be cute) on Monday made the 
covers of both New York tabloids. Using tough hand gestures not seen since "The Sopranos" went off HBO, 
(God, are you not going to grant me this favor?)  Hillary snapped back at an African college student 
who asked about the growing influence of China on Africa (Lying bitch) and then, according to the translator, 
wanted to know: "What does Mr. Clinton think?"

Horseshit - I heard this exchange myself and that's NOT what happened.
Why is she taking the word of the translator when the dude spoke English?
Does Dowd intentionally NOT watch the clip so she can claim ignorance?

It turned out that the student was trying to ask how Obama felt about it. But before he was able to clarify, 
the secretary of state flared: "Wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not the 
secretary of state. I am." This raw, competitive response showed that the experiment in using the Clintons
as a tandem team on diplomacy may not be going as smoothly as we had hoped; 

Right, because those two journalists are still rotting in North Korea?

once more, as with health care, the conjugal psychodrama (God, I'm losing faith in you) drags down 
the positive contribution the couple can make on policy. And looking unhinged about your marriage on 
an international stage hardly empowers women. 

Hillary "looked unhinged" because YOU said so?
Maureen Dowd you are a lying slut.

You're betting that busy people didn't see the actual exchange so you're lying about it.
I heard what the kid said and yes, it came off like an attack from Pigboy or Hannity.

The sentence that prompted the outburst was:  
"What does Mr. Clinton think through the mouth of Mrs. Clinton?” 

That comes off as, "Obviously your husband has all the brains and he tells you what to say."
OF COURSE she's going to vehemently deny that - and Dowd and the Clinton-haters have a 
problem with that - of course they have a problem with everything the Clintons say or do.

If Hillary hadn't set the kid straight, whores like Dowd would say, 
"When the kid insulted her, Hillary just took it like a meek little church mouse.  
  How can she stand up to Kim Jong Ill if she can't even handle a teenager from the Congo?"

Fuck you, Maureen Dowd.

Dowd is just like the vulgar Pigboy and Glenn Beck.
She knows attacking the Clintons with bullshit trivia is money in the bank.

Yes, Hillary could've asked the kid to repeat himself using different words
but maybe we're learning why she's so successful - because she takes shit from nobody.

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