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Subject: Going downhill in Vegas 


Things have been bad here in Las Vegas NV. It was fun when you ran a pic of me 
in the WPE t-shirt las year, but things have deteriorated since then. 

I have been without work since last February and jousting with the "making homes affordable" 
folk since October. Suffice to say, we're going down slow, like much of the former middle class. 

Looking at bankruptcy and insolvency as we slide towards some sort of Monty Python-esque 
discussion re: women with swords in ponds being a good leader selection method. In other words, 
I feel like I'm laying in offal while discussing political philosophy. My life is coming apart and my 
government has abandoned me. Still. I enjoy you...  :-) 

Swing that hammer, Bart,

Very sincerely,

Hal, sorry to hear about that.
I know things are the worst they've ever been, but try to hang in there.

Maybe Obama will decide to come to work and get some things done.
His Mr Nice Guy act isn't helping anybody.

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