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Kennedy Assassination Part II 

Regarding the Kennedy assassination, you are wrong on many levels. 

The entire event has been successfully re-enacted many times, all three shots including the shot 
that hit both Kennedy and Connelly.  It certainly doesn't fall apart because one guy was unable 
to reproduce it, especially when others have. 

A link would've been nice.
And you just called the FBI's top sniper ""one guy?"

The "pristine bullet" was not in fact pristine, it was flattened on the tip and side with the lead core 
leaking out the back (this has also occured in numerous recreations).  No, it wasn't mangled like one 
would expect but that doesn't always happen, even when hitting bones (the head shot fragmented 
beyond reconstruction, though.)  They took metal out of Connelly's wrist that when tested was 
positively identified as having come from this bullet, which ballistics prove came from Oswald's gun. 

One frame from the Zapruder film is irrelevant (1/18th of a second), the film has been restored and 
shows nothing contrary to the official version. 

But the FACT is our government TAMPERED with the film - why?

Kennedy's brain is missing?  So?  While it would be nice to have it, it isn't necessary; x-rays clearly 
show an entrance wound at the back of his head (and those x-rays still exist). 

Yeah, but the x-rays of whose head?
After they've been caught doctoring the evidence, how do you believe anything they say?

Every doctor at Parkland Hospital and in Washington immediately identified the wound as a shot to the 
back of the head, long before any "cover-up story" could be circulated.  Forensically there is no arguing that shot. 
Besides, the shot that hit both victims (the "pristine" bullet) and the shot that hit Kennedy in the head are two 
different shots, which one is it you have a problem with? 

I have a problem with a government that can't tell the truth.

Contrary to what Cyril Wecht says, Kennedy and Connelly were perfectly in line with the Texas School 
Book Depository window at the moment of the so-called "magic" shot, the bullet didn't have to turn right 
and turn left like Oliver Stone says (Connelly, in a jumper seat in the car, was six inches lower than Kennedy 
and nine inches inboard, not directly in front of him).  The shot that hit both victims was a fluke shot, a lucky shot, 
but not a "magic" shot.

And I never said "Our government wuold NOT lie to us", 

You said I was as whacked out as the Teabaggers and Creationists for doubting the official story. 
I generally take a mother-effer's head off for an attack like that - but I was in a good mood that day.

I'm saying in this particular case they didn't. 

Oh, so you can tell when they're lying and when they're not?
Fella like you could make a million dollars a week in Vegas.

Do YOU think a conspiracy this big-- which would necessarily have to involve who knows how many people
-- could be kept secret for nearly fifty years?  Clinton's blowjob became known by the world in shorter time
than it takes to read the Warren Report and that only involved two people, how could something like this stay 
under wraps for so long?  I thought our government was incompetent, you give it undue credit.

Clinton was discovered because the GOP dug and cheated and lied and stole until they got what they wanted.
We still have no idea what secrets are buried concerning Vietnam, RFK, MLK, Gulf War I, Florida 2000 
Iran-Contra, 9-11 and Bush's wars so your efforts to sell "the truth always comes out" is a No Sale.

I used to be with the majority and believed there was more to this story than what we were being told, 
I always thought the mob did it (Ruby was the key).  But that logic fell apart upon further review. 
Focusing on things like lost brains or reversed frames is chasing your tail, the evidence that exists 
(and has always existed) prove beyond any doubt it was Oswald and Oswald alone. 

I'm happy that you're comfortable with our government's honesty.

A few months ago, CIA Director Panetta said the CIA was committing crimes behind his back.
Somehow, he found out about it and the crimes stopped.

Yet you feel like you know enough to say we're getting the whole truth?
Which of us seems more whacked out now?

It has nothing to do with governmental integrity. 

Oh, really?
Didn't Britney say something like that in Farenheit 9-11?

I understand the need to blame someone bigger than 
an insignificant little fuck like Oswald for the Crime of the Century but in this case that's exactly who did it. 
It's tragic enough without believing the crime was bigger than it actually was.

PS. And please, don't call him "JFK" anymore. 
The man had a name, the man had a title, he deserves to called by it. 

I'm a busy man with shit to do.
If I don't use shortcuts I can't get as much work done. 

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