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Subject: Nader again


I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO pissed at Nader I can hardly speak!!!!!! 
I've already sent a comment (or five) to his website but I think what someone (hint hint) 
who can reach DOZENS of people should start a petition to STOP this evil man!!!! 

We must stop him!!! 

The idea that we could have EIGHT more years of Bush Dark (McCain is anything but Lite) 
may just put me in my grave. I'm so old I can remember before Kennedy was elected and 
I just shake my head in shame when I think of what JFK would say about the state of the 
union today. Hell, even NIXON would cringe.



I'm so tired.

I certainly DON'T want this to happen, but there is some irony here.

Nader put Bush in office - maybe twice - and he might put McCain 
in office and it's ironic that Obama is to Hillary's left on most issues.

The far Left might finally be getting the proof that with Nader
it's always been about his massive ego and never about the issues.

Remember how proud the Naderites were that they elected Bush?
Remember how Nader said there was no difference between Gore & Bush
and between Kerry and Bush?  And now he says there's no difference
between Obama and McCain?   Do you believe him this time, too?

I imagine the Naderites from 2000 and 2004 are now going for Obama.
It would be ironic if their old hero stopped their new hero?

We tried to tell you, but you didn't want to hear it.

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