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Subject: Dueling Douchbags

So....I'm driving home last night, between cities, in the gap so to speak where the night sky is darker than usual 
because there's no light pollution from the cities. The road is near empty, the AC is whispering, the cruise-control 
is set to 74mph, and the radio is tuned to the rightwing stand-in for some hate-flinging conservative celeb. 
I like to hear what the agitators are saying once in a while.

He's basically speaking in this outraged, high-pitched, menacing, BillyMays-like voice ..."You're outraged! You're MAD. 
You see your country being hijacked by a bunch of liars and socialists and YOU AREN'T GONNA LET YOUR 
FREEDOM get STOLEN from you!   I know how you feel my friends, I FEEL your anguish and sense of BETRAYAL! 
YOU watch our CONSTITUTION...which was paid for with the blood of heroes and patriots that GAVE EVERYTHING 
THEY HAD TO SACRIFICE for it's watch that glorious constitution get SHREDDED AND DISCARDED 
by a man that lied to AMERICA and is handing the country over to THUGS and Communists and America-haters! I see it too, 
my friends...I see our treasury being RAIDED and given away to special interests and a fiscal policy GONE MAD!!!
Your livlihood and your childrens future are at stake here folks, the economy is on the brink because of this usurper and 
there will be a catastrophe and we will ALL be dragged down with the greedy opportunists and socialists!"
OK, standard stuff really, I hear it all the's getting more and more shrill, delusional and menacing to be sure, but it's 
run-of-the-mill agitprop from the scripted message-board. But here's the surreal part...I'm between cities and the signal is fading 
and getting that buzzing background squeal, and suddenly another faint voice starts blending together with Mr. high-pitched Goebbals
....obviously from the next approaching city. It's a different person, but giving the same spiel with altered text.."This lying, socialist 
America-hater is in cahoots with unsavory people that you wouldn't want walking into the same room with you or your 
loved ones..he's handing over the tax chest to his cohorts while insidiously foisting STATISM on us and he's doing it 
with a teleprompter and FORCED seizure of the MEDIA!"

The two voices are fading in and out, trading volume in turns,, there's that high-pitched electronic whine in the background 
and I can listen to two separate voices at the same damn time fulminating and agitating and lying in a strange, macabre, 
short-wavelike  unison, like an intense, snowballing dance of mendacious, moronic, eerily hypnotic, mutually-reinforcing 
maelstrom of malevolence. It was striking and ...weird.

I reflexively reached into the glove box for the reassuring feel of my can of pepper spray..then locked the doors.

That's what I mean about the "House on fire."
Obama sees this is the usual political attacks - but maybe I've been around longer than him.

This is NOT the usual crap because it has the gasoline of racism thrown on top of the rage.
I hope he sees that in time.

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