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Subject: the "N" word


I can’t believe I’m going to defend a white man using the “N” word. 
You may recall I stopped donating for two years when you showed a Condi “magazine cover” depicting her 
as a stupid spear-chucking African tribeswoman. But weirdly, you got it right about Colin Powell. 
I don’t know whether it was intentional or you just lucked into it.

I consider myself the luckiest man in the world. 

I’ll explain the difference. Condoleezza Rice is a stupid warmongering self-serving incompetent. 
However, the depiction was an insult to all black people because it suggested that they were all like Rice, 
or rather that Rice was behaving like black people. It was an insult to all black people, Africans, 
tribeswomen, and yes, spear-chuckers because it suggested that all were the same.

I could put up a picture of a red wagon and it would insult somebody.
I'm not sure one man can proclaim what a picture says or means.

Sleazy has been apppointed to every government job she's ever had.
Like all of Bush's appointments, her main qualification seems to be loyalty, not competence.

If I attack her, please don't decide I'm also attacking someone else.
If I say 'Tom Armstrong Williams' that doesn't mean every black writer is an Uncle Tom.

In this instance you have used a very specific and insulting phrase against one person. 
In fact, Colin Powell is the Bush family House N*****. This does not suggest that anyone else 
on the planet is a Bush House N*****. Or that anyone else is a n*****. has a good definition

 ha ha
Looks like I'm not the only one...

and Take back the media  has a defense of the term as applied to Armstrong Williams a few years back. 
This is the same kind of contempt that Jewish death camp survivors had for those Jews who vainly sought 
to avoid extermination by aiding the Nazis in herding their fellow Jews into the gas chambers and ovens.

Tom Armstong Williams is a great example - he took money to say Mass Bush was good to the slaves.
He should be laughed out of journalism for that, but journalism is a joke now, so he fits. 

I don’t spell out the “N” word myself because “Uncle Tom”
conveys the same thing as House N***** without the extreme epitaph that I as a white man don’t want to use.
But that is just my preference. 

There are two ways to look at that. 
If I tell some Monkey to "Eat sh*t and die," that asterisk didn't really soften the punch, did it?  

Suggesting that Colin Powell, who knowingly lied to start a war for the White House is anything but 
an Uncle Tom or “House N*****” is to give the warmongering son of a bitch political cover which 
he doesn’t deserve. In fact, calling him an Uncle Tom is probably too pleasant because many people 
won’t know what it means. Powell has betrayed the American people and hundreds of thousands of 
African American families who have sacrificed by serving in this war by lying to start it. 
Powell is disgusting and beneath contempt.

We certainly agree on that - thanks for the e-mail.

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