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Subject: why we hate the Clintons

Bart:  How can you be so thick?

Parry, Huffington, Dowd, the Reps, the Dems and the press have had it with the Clintons
because Bill lied about his blow job and Hillary didn't share her reaction with the public.

Combine that with the prosperity of the Clinton Administration and their success in foreign
policy and you can see why the whole nation resented Al Gore the liar in 2000, but loves him
now that he is a loser. The Clintons are winners and this nation looooves losers.

Prosperity sucks. Success sucks. Competency sucks. Democrats hate winners because
we know we are a bunch of whiney losers. The press hates competency because they know
that they are too lazy to do their jobs.

And I have to say, that I agree. Enough of Clintons delivering a good economy and a stable
world scene! BLOW JOBS!!! I've had enough of other men getting my rightful blowjobs!
It's not about the economy! It's not about 4000 American dead, our 2 trillion dollar war debt
or 1 million Iraqi dead. It's not about the sub-prime crisis or 9-11. None of this shit would have
happened without those blow jobs!    It's the damn blow jobs!

And scrutiny of the blow jobs. No oversight of interrogations is necessary because
we can take the deposition of the President about his blow jobs!

30 percent of America approves of Bush according to the polls. This is the same 30 percent
that supported the impeachment of Clinton. The key to understanding this all is that this 30
percent includes the 1 percent that control the vast majority of the wealth in this country and
98 percent of the press. They drink our milkshake.

Why can't the Congress get to the important problems?
Like which baseball players used steroids 10 years ago.

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