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Why Eldrick HAS to win this weekend
Can he ever get back what he threw away?


If stroke-play golf could produce the equivalent of a decisive seventh game, this would be it. Woods has never
delved this deep into a season without a victory. He is in the midst of a major championship drought that has lasted
more than two years. For the first time in his life, people doubt him — as both a person and an athlete. He knows
nearly every man, woman and child who follows sports has serious questions about whether he'll ever be the same
golfer he was before last Thanksgiving.

And now he's playing in his ultimate home game, the Open Championship at the friendly confines of St. Andrews,
where Woods has won the last two British Opens it has hosted and where he has said he would love to play
all four majors if they'd let him.

So if someone else is holding the Claret Jug come Sunday, it will be a bitter disappointment to an
athlete who is desperately trying to prove that nothing has changed in his quest to surpass Jack
Nicklaus' 18 major victories, even though, of course, everything has.

It will also be a harbinger of a concept that would have been considered ridiculous even a year ago:
that Woods, stuck on 14 majors since winning the 2008 U.S. Open, might never reach Jack.

Can Eldrick win?  In the Scotland rain?

Sunday, if you listen very hard, you might be able to hear me yelling, "Hex on thee!" at my TV in Tulsa.

 Hex on thee, Eldrick, it's all over for you.

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