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Election Night 2008 Chat Log
 Thanks to Nathan for the transcript

Conversation with #bartcop at 11/4/2008 5:23:23 PM on NathanR

(5:23:23 PM) #bartcop: The topic for #bartcop is:  Obama Wins! In Dixville Notch, that is : Rove predicts Obama landslide. : 
In other news, Voters experiencing problems can report them by dialing 866-OUR-VOTE or 866-MY-VOTE1.
(5:23:25 PM) paulprp: c-span is kinda lame
(5:23:28 PM) OldHag: wb joe
(5:23:29 PM) NathanR: hi
(5:23:29 PM) ThatOne: I think I'm gonna go with BBC
(5:23:34 PM) Throgg: McCain HQ is in the heart of America. It's in the soul of every fighting man, 
the crotch of every divorcee, the armpit of every graft taking pork ladling crook that ever lived!
(5:23:35 PM) Dave: last night was a good day to be a Steelers fan.   Ignore the news.  The Steelers beat the Skins.  It's over
(5:23:36 PM) joebacon: The election clerk apologized for my ballot mistake
(5:23:38 PM) Scubameg1975: am I the only female in here???
(5:23:40 PM) mooseandsquirrel: just jump channels is the best bet
(5:23:41 PM) OldHag: hi nathan
(5:23:43 PM) Zomar: Fux news is taling about how nice their HQ looks tonight.  ANYTHING but report on the bloodbath!
(5:23:44 PM) TimeChaser: I'm female :P
(5:23:45 PM) Scubameg1975: what a sausage fest
(5:23:45 PM) enfuegored: I am femalle
(5:23:49 PM) enfuegored: female
(5:23:50 PM) Scubameg1975: oh. Hi!
(5:23:53 PM) enfuegored: and can't spell
(5:23:55 PM) enfuegored: howdy
(5:23:55 PM) mooseandsquirrel: stay awake and alert
(5:23:58 PM) HoustonWade: I used to have BBC and the Comcast rearranged what channels I receive and it vanished
(5:23:59 PM) TomToo: i wanna see a map that's the opposite of nixon-mcgovern or raygun-mondale
(5:23:59 PM) Beantown: Scumbag, no. Beantown is a she
(5:24:01 PM) Scubameg1975: Well, women can't spell. :P
(5:24:06 PM) enfuegored: heh
(5:24:06 PM) Scubameg1975: Scumbag???
(5:24:07 PM) paulprp: Stroodlepalooza
(5:24:14 PM) rude^boyee: obama ahead by 95k in texas
(5:24:15 PM) joebacon: I come bck and see my home state told John Mc Fart to DROP DEAD
(5:24:16 PM) Carbon: This bourbon is delicious!
(5:24:17 PM) rude^boyee: geeebuz
(5:24:25 PM) Ewoks4Bar: west palm beach election is on msnbc
(5:24:26 PM) joebacon: Pennsylvania strong for Obama
(5:24:27 PM) Neoconstipated: i bet palin voted for obama
(5:24:27 PM) rude^boyee: all of messico voted obama?
(5:24:28 PM) bartcop: Obama is NOT going to win TX
(5:24:28 PM) ***foopah cheers to beers
(5:24:30 PM) Monkeyfister: Great news, rude^boyee!!!!
(5:24:30 PM) stlsaxman: lame, paul?  no nazi fucktards doing a running commentary AIN'T lame  ;) 
(5:24:33 PM) RChavez: OB ahead in Texas?
(5:24:35 PM) mooseandsquirrel: enfuegored can spell except her nick makes no sense  ;) 
(5:24:37 PM) Ewoks4Bar: palin probably DID vote for obama... or wrote in her own name
(5:24:40 PM) philntexas: nope my vote wont count
(5:24:41 PM) Scubameg1975: Palin got confused by the ballot and voted for Obama
(5:24:43 PM) PittsburghMel7126: lol
(5:24:44 PM) Ewoks4Bar: omg problems in west palm beach.... figures
(5:24:45 PM) philntexas: hi Bart
(5:24:45 PM) Monkeyfister: OB HAS PA, JB
(5:24:47 PM) rude^boyee: just looking at counts bart
(5:24:56 PM) foopah: palin voted for joe sixpack
(5:24:58 PM) Luminin: My grandma (92) lives in TX, shes voting OB
(5:24:59 PM) bartcop: philinTX!
(5:25:02 PM) HoustonWade: Of course Palin voted for Obama.  She wants it in 2012 before her looks go completely south
(5:25:02 PM) Throgg: palin wrote in her own name...and mispelled it
(5:25:02 PM) paulprp: i hope Palin gets blamed, and disappears forever
(5:25:07 PM) Carbon: My Florida County (Lake) went repuke
(5:25:08 PM) Scubameg1975: Joe Sixpack/Joe the Plumber
(5:25:13 PM) Guest is now known as hereshoping
(5:25:16 PM) Carbon: Fuck!
(5:25:17 PM) ThatOne: FUCK JOE THE PLUMBER!!
(5:25:18 PM) enfuegored: sweet jesus they are doing the FLA ballot crap again
(5:25:20 PM) ThatOne: sorry, had to vent
(5:25:21 PM) Luminin: GUYS AND GALS
(5:25:28 PM) joebacon: 'I see they fucked the West Palm Beach Ballot again
(5:25:30 PM) Dave: problems in Palm Beach
(5:25:32 PM) Carbon: Joe the Plumber needs welfare
(5:25:34 PM) Ewoks4Bar: of course
(5:25:40 PM) mooseandsquirrel: i want to use Pete's bat on Joe the Plumber's head
(5:25:40 PM) Evolouie: Hey, it looks like indiana is still up in the air. But as a bellweather 
VIGO COUNTY has pick the president  ever time for just ver 100 years
(5:25:42 PM) Dave: how f'n dumb are those people?
(5:25:44 PM) foopah: argh palm beach county is a rerun 
(5:25:46 PM) HoustonWade: Fuuuuck.  Florida is at it again
(5:25:48 PM) paulprp: Joe the inbred
(5:25:51 PM) Eroshan: joen is a fucking scab
(5:25:54 PM) Evolouie: and their leaning OBAMA
(5:25:56 PM) philntexas: they will blame joe the plumber and palin
(5:25:56 PM) NathanR: Speaking of Palin:
(5:25:56 PM) Ewoks4Bar: joe the plumber "i'm broke, i'm gonna start a charity"
(5:26:01 PM) mooseandsquirrel: no hair to bloody, just the bald head
(5:26:01 PM) steeve: Joe's got Wingnut Welfare -- speaking fees, a think tank spot, whatever
(5:26:02 PM) Fud: joe the plumber needs a roto rooter up his ass
(5:26:02 PM) Ewoks4Bar: joe i thought you made 250k/year? lolol
(5:26:07 PM) py: menage a trois from hell....sarah joe the p[lugger and john mcnasty...drill, boys, drill.
(5:26:13 PM) retroper: check cnn now bart grant park
(5:26:14 PM) Luminin: Nailin' Pailin
(5:26:18 PM) Zomar: Fuck I wish I was in Grant Park tonight...
(5:26:23 PM) foopah: lol py
(5:26:24 PM) chookie: a tidal wave is coming, the guy is saying
(5:26:25 PM) TomToo: not-joe the non-plumber should life himself up by his frelling bootstraps
(5:26:29 PM) Monkeyfister: Joe The Not-Plumber needs two under the hat.
(5:26:29 PM) Ewoks4Bar: lolNader
(5:26:30 PM) Scubameg1975: Did you guys hear the Canadian DJs prank Palin?
(5:26:30 PM) rude^boyee: fox finally calls shaheen wins
(5:26:30 PM) ThatOne: py you just put a horrible image in my head... thanks
(5:26:31 PM) RChavez: ggod one py
(5:26:32 PM) Scubameg1975: What a dumbass
(5:26:37 PM) Luminin: LOL monger 1% nader
(5:26:38 PM) FlatElmo: I'm looking to hire a good Ship's Biden
(5:26:39 PM) stlsaxman: me too Zomar
(5:26:41 PM) mooseandsquirrel: rumors are that the palin's are swingers ( i do not believe it)
(5:26:42 PM) Neoconstipated: fox news predicts hagen over dole!
(5:26:43 PM) bartcop: retroper - thanks
(5:26:46 PM) Monkeyfister: Can DJs were GREAT!
(5:27:01 PM) TomToo: the palins are NOT swingers
(5:27:07 PM) foopah: yes it's true, the palins do like them some moose
(5:27:07 PM) chookie: any drinking games here tonight?

(5:27:11 PM) HiColonic: I would think the Assembly of God would frown on swinging. 
(5:27:12 PM) TimeChaser: Mmm, martini <3
(5:27:13 PM) Eroshan: that prank call was unbelievable

(5:27:17 PM) Luminin: DRINK UNTIL I DROP
(5:27:19 PM) NathanR: Cleese/Palin in 2008!
(5:27:19 PM) tio: The Palins are 'wingers
(5:27:19 PM) enfuegored: movin too fast to be drinking
(5:27:21 PM) HoustonWade: The room the lady walks around in on MSNBC reminds of the Star Trek's Holodeck
(5:27:22 PM) Monkeyfister: We're going to wake up to Preznit Bob Barr, Bitchez!
(5:27:23 PM) Evolouie: drinking games,,,,hell yeah
(5:27:23 PM) bartcop: chookie, I'm doing a shot for each state  :) 
(5:27:24 PM) retroper: love that game
(5:27:25 PM) foopah: every time tweety mentions PA, take a drink
(5:27:25 PM) Scubameg1975: I wouldn't mind swinging with the Palins
(5:27:28 PM) Scubameg1975: Is that wrong?
(5:27:39 PM) Ewoks4Bar: 69% of people in NC who said race was a factor still voted for obama...
(5:27:40 PM) chookie: Maybe I should open my champagne now
(5:27:44 PM) Evolouie: im doing a shot of lucid everytime they call one for OBAMA
(5:27:48 PM) RChavez: Now that OB is winning I'll have to get a ferally funded abotion, HA HA
(5:27:49 PM) ThatOne: question: what happens if Biden wins both VP and his senate seat?
(5:27:55 PM) Feep: not yet!
(5:27:59 PM) Luminin: You female scubameg?
(5:28:03 PM) enfuegored: biden would resign his senate seat
(5:28:03 PM) HoustonWade: What's the difference between Sarah Palin's mouth and her vagina?
(5:28:03 PM) rude^boyee: his kid can have senate seat
(5:28:04 PM) NathanR: ThatOne: I presume he resigns from the Senate to be VP
(5:28:04 PM) Feep: no champagne yet
(5:28:05 PM) Gumby: CBS projecting Obama win in Pennsylv
(5:28:05 PM) joebacon: I wouldnt touch Palin even if my whole body wqas sealed in a condom
(5:28:06 PM) HiColonic: My aunt is an Assembly of God member, amd she honestly believe the Rapture is coming in her lifetime.  Poor thing.
(5:28:09 PM) Ewoks4Bar: the govenor of biden's state appoints a senator
(5:28:09 PM) gb: he has to give up the senate seat, dem govenor appoints replacement
(5:28:10 PM) bartcop: ThatOne, I guess MD Gov appoijnts a dude
(5:28:12 PM) HoustonWade: Not everyting that comes out of her vagina is retarded
(5:28:14 PM) foopah: gov will appoint someone for biden's seat
(5:28:14 PM) Monkeyfister: DE's Gov picks the replacement
(5:28:16 PM) Scubameg1975: yes, female
(5:28:18 PM) Ewoks4Bar: same for obama in illinois
(5:28:19 PM) TomToo: freally funded abortion = very funny freudian slip
(5:28:20 PM) joebacon: My family believes that shit too Hi C
(5:28:23 PM) rude^boyee: govenator will let lil biden have it
(5:28:27 PM) ThatOne: bartcop , MD Gov, or DE Gov? lol
(5:28:31 PM) Scubameg1975: I think her dumb husband's hot :P
(5:28:33 PM) NathanR: Is the governor dem or gop?
(5:28:35 PM) RChavez: HAHA HoustonWade
(5:28:36 PM) Feep: Ohio or Fla goes to Obama I'll pour the champagne
(5:28:36 PM) TomToo: ferally funded.  mothercheneying fingers!
(5:28:37 PM) gb: looking good in NC...hopefully dole will be headed back to Kansas
(5:28:38 PM) foopah: dem
(5:28:46 PM) joebacon: Huff Post says Liddy DOle LOST

(5:28:50 PM) enfuegored: ks doesn't want dole back either
(5:28:51 PM) joebacon: LIDDY DOLE GOES DOWN
(5:28:53 PM) Luminin: OK, I'm straight and palin is too screechy for me, and I'm a dog
(5:28:55 PM) rude^boyee: dole was crushed
(5:28:57 PM) Scubameg1975: How is Al Franken doing?
(5:28:57 PM) Ewoks4Bar: liddy dole did lose, because SHE'S the godless heathen
(5:28:58 PM) NathanR: Joe: Couldn't happen to a nicer person.
(5:28:58 PM) Monkeyfister: He's a DEM gov in DE
(5:28:59 PM) bartcop: I love Liddy Dole losing, that slut
(5:29:03 PM) Evolouie: Hey bart .............hoosier tim here glad to see ya, hope the shots dont put you down too soon
(5:29:03 PM) Ewoks4Bar: yeah how is al franken
(5:29:04 PM) hoghed: KS will do just fine without the Doles
(5:29:09 PM) philntexas: Okay im in San Antonio in a i just got here not to long many shots do i need to do?
(5:29:09 PM) Throgg: um...rumor has it Biden is fron delaware
(5:29:10 PM) Eroshan: fucking palin would be like molesting a retard
(5:29:10 PM) gb: lol @ bart
(5:29:14 PM) PittsburghMel7126: hairspray addict
(5:29:16 PM) Scubameg1975: Luminin, she wouldn't talk so much if she had something in her mouth
(5:29:19 PM) Ewoks4Bar: look at obama HQ, there is a CVRAPLOAD of people
(5:29:19 PM) Feep: Franken watch
(5:29:20 PM) Luminin: LOL EROSHAN
(5:29:25 PM) ***Feep ??~
(5:29:25 PM) Carbon: Tom Feeney, the thief of 2000, is losing big
(5:29:33 PM) Neoconstipated: dole's done...FOX NEWS called it
(5:29:35 PM) enfuegored: My kids just emailed that they voted in Missouri yays!
(5:29:41 PM) PittsburghMel7126: yes!
(5:29:42 PM) ThatOne: They're still voting in MN, we'll know Franken preliminary results later
(5:29:52 PM) Throgg: dole can burn in godless hell
(5:29:58 PM) Luminin: I guess, but still, One little screech and instant shrinkage
(5:30:02 PM) philntexas: Hey Bart I live in Fort Worth and they have your fav tequila at my liquor store all the time man
(5:30:02 PM) HoustonWade: only 167 electoral votes to go!
(5:30:03 PM) ThatOne: with a pineapple up her ass
(5:30:09 PM) gb: they're being more forward than the local news in Charlotte...still haven't called it for Hagan, then
(5:30:14 PM) Neoconstipated: dole crushed pineapple
(5:30:21 PM) monger: I am spoiled, I was only person at my polling station. the joy of a rural township 
(5:30:21 PM) Feep: by definition hell should be godless
(5:30:22 PM) bartcop: Phil, wish I lived there - not
(5:30:22 PM) Fud: you know the line about palin and the difference between her vagina and her mouth right
(5:30:23 PM) Ewoks4Bar: comedy hour at the mccain party.... >.>
(5:30:28 PM) philntexas: lol
(5:30:29 PM) rude^boyee: PA obama
(5:30:35 PM) philntexas: you feel my pain
(5:30:38 PM) Scubameg1975: I want them to show the McCain "celebrators!"
(5:30:41 PM) rude^boyee: fox says mccain camp hard to swallow
(5:30:46 PM) Throgg: feep, I hear they're Unitarians down there
(5:30:49 PM) Ewoks4Bar: scumbag

(5:30:52 PM) TomToo: no fud - please tell us!
(5:30:52 PM) doombreak: NBC just gave obama Pennsylvania  and he leads 103 -37  WOO HOO
(5:30:52 PM) rude^boyee: fox has a lag
(5:30:53 PM) PittsburghMel7126: NH just went for Obama
(5:30:54 PM) ludgere: I've got vodka on the rocks
(5:30:54 PM) Ewoks4Bar: you can see both HQs
(5:30:55 PM) Monkeyfister: Labia don't hold lipstick?
(5:30:55 PM) retroper: New Hampshire....Suck it MCBUSH!
(5:30:56 PM) foopah: palin disagrees rude
(5:30:57 PM) Scubameg1975: Stop calling me scumbag
(5:30:58 PM) rude^boyee: to wipe up tears
(5:31:02 PM) FlatElmo: coleman is quite the colostomy bag i hear
(5:31:06 PM) Carbon: Dole lost? A VICTORY for atheists!!!  :) 
(5:31:07 PM) bartcop: ludgere, I like your style
(5:31:08 PM) Fud: hard to swallow from fox how special
(5:31:12 PM) FlatElmo: from fat eddie

(5:31:26 PM) Cayobo: comcast keep bumping me 
(5:31:31 PM) ludgere: NO COMMERCIALS IF YOU WATCH THE stream
(5:31:32 PM) rude^boyee: britt hume is weepy
(5:31:32 PM) Carbon: Alabama goes red.  Huge surprise

(5:31:34 PM) retroper: sorry scumbag I'm slydexic  jk
(5:31:35 PM) bartcop: nancy!
(5:31:38 PM) Scubameg1975: I hope VA goes our way  :( 
(5:31:40 PM) Ewoks4Bar: mccain 110k votes ahead in VA but only 38% precincts reporting
(5:31:41 PM) Scubameg1975: I'm in VA
(5:31:44 PM) Nancy_Flom: Bart!!!
(5:31:45 PM) monger: Ann Arbor township, I was only person there. 4 miles away in the city, lines are out into the street to vote
(5:31:48 PM) jjlap: had company. i never have company! all caught up. things are lookin good. i'm watchin TELEMUNDO 
and havin a cocktail. to Obama!
(5:31:49 PM) OldHag: comcast won't let any of my mail through to people in us that have it

(5:31:51 PM) ludgere: whoop's sorry 'bout the caplocks.
(5:31:52 PM) Carbon: Arkansas remains nazi
(5:31:54 PM) Luminin: Man, FOX tech sucks
(5:31:58 PM) Fud: TomToo the punchline is only sometimes something retarded comes out of her vagina
(5:31:59 PM) BartCop_ is now known as ThatOne
(5:32:04 PM) Carbon: Yay! Kay Hagin!
(5:32:05 PM) Dave: dole lost
(5:32:06 PM) Scubameg1975: YAY! The godless atheist won
(5:32:08 PM) Monkeyfister: Liddy LOSES NC!!!!!
(5:32:09 PM) philntexas: kay hagan nc senate
(5:32:09 PM) Feep: Dole is out!
(5:32:09 PM) Luminin: WOOP Dole looses
(5:32:11 PM) Ewoks4Bar: cheers for kay hagan
(5:32:12 PM) Dave: sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
(5:32:13 PM) hoghed: MSGOP sez Dole lost 
(5:32:15 PM) paulprp: Comcast = Facist Bastards
(5:32:16 PM) foopah: my precinct was empty, I get to laugh at the lines over at govt center
(5:32:16 PM) ludgere: hagin called
(5:32:19 PM) Feep: yay!!
(5:32:21 PM) mooseandsquirrel: libby lost
(5:32:22 PM) Solo: BBC Mc Cain 49, Obama 103
(5:32:24 PM) mooseandsquirrel: yeah
(5:32:24 PM) jjlap: glad to see dole and sununu out
(5:32:24 PM) bartcop: liddy dole = bag o hairspray
(5:32:28 PM) TomToo: hahahahaha thx didn't hear that one before
(5:32:30 PM) Dave: lol
(5:32:41 PM) bartcop: independents going 60% obama
(5:32:42 PM) joebacon: MSNBC has the Blackberry Man on
(5:32:50 PM) Ewoks4Bar: yeah at mccain hq
(5:32:50 PM) Luminin: I'm a socialist, Just thought I'd share
(5:32:59 PM) Carbon: +3 in the Senate so far
(5:33:03 PM) Scubameg1975: Nothin' wrong with a little socialism now and then
(5:33:03 PM) Ewoks4Bar: "No i don't (think we went too far calling him a socialst"
(5:33:04 PM) Ewoks4Bar: lolol
(5:33:06 PM) steeve: socialism works -- see 1993
(5:33:07 PM) OldHag: i'm a card carrying socialist even
(5:33:07 PM) bartcop: that's sununu the younger, right?
(5:33:08 PM) mooseandsquirrel: bob will move her back to russell kansas
(5:33:10 PM) rude^boyee: i'm a swedista
(5:33:10 PM) NathanR: ok. laundry done, time to go vote.
(5:33:12 PM) paulprp: McCain dominating the illiterate vote
(5:33:13 PM) PittsburghMel7126: yep
(5:33:13 PM) You are now known as NateVoting
(5:33:15 PM) monger: Liddy Dole's saliva tests positive for Viagra
(5:33:18 PM) Zomar: All godless socialists and satan worshipers are welcome here
(5:33:19 PM) foopah: see ya at the farm collective luminin (arugala)

(5:33:20 PM) Carbon: Socialism works with Healthcare
(5:33:22 PM) BartCop_ is now known as ThatOne
(5:33:23 PM) ludgere: hahaha listen to that rat
(5:33:26 PM) Luminin: Einstein "why socialism?"
(5:33:33 PM) Scubameg1975: I love abortions and godlessness!
(5:33:34 PM) TomToo: holtz-eakin republican't arsehole spews Repug crap all over msgop
(5:33:35 PM) mooseandsquirrel: or they can spend their lives out in watergate
(5:33:38 PM) Throgg: OK, Monger. I lol'd
(5:33:38 PM) ThatOne is now known as rmadrazo
(5:33:39 PM) thehiolllywo: Hey Bart, whats happening
(5:33:44 PM) Scubameg1975: "The more abortions, the better" --Samantha Bee
(5:33:50 PM) bartcop: rick, is that you?
(5:33:51 PM) Ewoks4Bar: alabama for mccain
(5:33:54 PM) Monkeyfister: Hotlz-Eakin stands by OB is a Socialist.... fuckup
(5:33:55 PM) rmadrazo: hope my connection holds this time
(5:33:57 PM) RChavez: Abort Bill Bennet
(5:33:58 PM) enfuegored: the racist south for McCain big surprise
(5:33:59 PM) Throgg: not alabama!
(5:34:00 PM) foopah: bee is canadian though, they's craazy 
(5:34:00 PM) Luminin: suprise?
(5:34:01 PM) Feep: 'bama to mcsane
(5:34:02 PM) thehiolllywo: Dude whats upppp
(5:34:02 PM) HoustonWade: MSNBC just called it for Hagin
(5:34:03 PM) paulprp: not letting corporations Rape us is "socialism "
(5:34:04 PM) Monkeyfister: ALA for McCain... typical.
(5:34:04 PM) stlsaxman: Jay Nixon Beats Blunt in MO for Governor!!!!!
(5:34:13 PM) TomToo: massabama goes for mcsenile
(5:34:16 PM) monger: Throgg, good, I've been trying!
(5:34:16 PM) Luminin: They socalismists
(5:34:18 PM) mooseandsquirrel: blunt was not running
(5:34:18 PM) FlatElmo: wait a sec.... you're saying his middle name is hussein? ....uh oh!
(5:34:19 PM) hoghed: Blunt was not running
(5:34:21 PM) Evolouie: OBAMA 
(5:34:21 PM) bartcop: thehiolllywo are you rick?
(5:34:22 PM) Evolouie: 6,491,655 | 50%    102   45    McCAIN 
(5:34:22 PM) Evolouie: 6,389,664 | 49%
(5:34:23 PM) Fud: mcLumpface got killed in NH
(5:34:24 PM) enfuegored: I'm not finding the Missouri results yet online
(5:34:25 PM) Zomar: Christ. Saxby Chmbliss is still leading in GA.  Is mental retardation shown to have a geographic cause?
(5:34:27 PM) steeve: we're all conservatives...we want to go back to old policies that work, like taxing the rich
(5:34:27 PM) MsCellanyus: early results from nixon beat hulshoff, not blunt
(5:34:29 PM) mooseandsquirrel: it was that kenny guy
(5:34:32 PM) ***Monkeyfister passes the bowl of awesome homegrown to the left.
(5:34:35 PM) thehiolllywo: That me Bart, I spelled my own name wrong
(5:34:40 PM) bartcop: ha ha
(5:34:41 PM) TomToo: rick's here?  awesome!
(5:34:48 PM) thehiolllywo: Tom is that you
(5:34:49 PM) bartcop: I goit your call but you blocked reply
(5:34:53 PM) hoghed: I'd like to see Blunt's old man get bounced too
(5:34:54 PM) PittsburghMel7126: take away atlanta and its all rednecks
(5:34:56 PM) stlsaxman: enfu- local programming declared it
(5:34:57 PM) TomToo: you betcha!
(5:34:57 PM) py: fundies will have a hard time understanding why god hasn't intervened for mcnasty.
(5:34:57 PM) Luminin: I want crushing, pureed destorying Pop vote
(5:34:58 PM) thehiolllywo: Oh damn
(5:35:01 PM) gb: damn...I think NC might actually be growing some rudimentary brain cells!!!
(5:35:05 PM) TomToo: nice to see you here...
(5:35:06 PM) thehiolllywo: Glad you got the call
(5:35:07 PM) Scubameg1975: Bart are you watching with your wife? Any friends over?
(5:35:08 PM) joebacon: Yeah
(5:35:13 PM) RChavez: The most fun I've had voting yet!
(5:35:15 PM) hoghed: ...and Mr. Graves, of course

(5:35:30 PM) Monkeyfister: Waiting on VA
(5:35:31 PM) bartcop: scuba, just us & the cats 
(5:35:32 PM) gb: Showing Obama ahead in NC right now.
(5:35:34 PM) Carbon: Everybody fill your gas tanks tomorrow, early
(5:35:35 PM) thehiolllywo: So how you been man long time no talk
(5:35:47 PM) HoustonWade: doh, sessions got it
(5:35:48 PM) bartcop: McCain winning all the racist states
(5:35:50 PM) TomToo: still working for the man
(5:35:51 PM) Scubameg1975: Do the cats support Obama?
(5:35:52 PM) HoustonGurl: hey Joe!!
(5:35:53 PM) Monkeyfister: how come, CD?
(5:35:54 PM) Throgg: MO will take forever. GOP vote supresion machine is really good there and polls in 
at least some places will reamin open past closing time
(5:35:54 PM) ludgere: We are and we're doing  pretty good..just gotta get rid of this conservative minority
(5:35:55 PM) Zomar: No shit Carbon.  Party's over on cheap gas
(5:36:00 PM) bartcop: Rick - whalefest in january in LA!!
(5:36:00 PM) hoghed: while we're at it, let's recall the mayor too
(5:36:00 PM) enfuegored: my car tire was flattened today, so there's that. must be the bumper stickers
(5:36:03 PM) Fud: hey this is way more fun than 2000 when there was a ton of us thinking it was won then stolen
(5:36:03 PM) thehiolllywo: Is that Tom from Michigan
(5:36:04 PM) paulprp: hey bart, how much Chinaco on tap?
(5:36:04 PM) Feep: 80% tirnout in Va
(5:36:06 PM) Eroshan: senate race 48 to 30 dems wining 
(5:36:06 PM) HoustonGurl: It's wild and crazy TULSAAAAAAA!!!!  NOT
(5:36:07 PM) Ewoks4Bar: gas - 2.08 here, and oil shot up in price today; fill up for sure
(5:36:09 PM) Scubameg1975: I got a new hamster for my classroom today. I chose the brown one over the white and named him O-ham-a.
(5:36:09 PM) Luminin: John YNAG virginia 80% turnout
(5:36:11 PM) steeve: no need for complex IQ tests -- just ask people who they voted for
(5:36:19 PM) PittsburghMel7126: lol
(5:36:20 PM) bartcop: I have more Chinaco than I can drink
(5:36:21 PM) TomToo: still smokin gawd's flowers (except tonite - ran out earlier today d'oh!)
(5:36:31 PM) mooseandsquirrel: it was Holly
(5:36:32 PM) Ewoks4Bar: georgia for mccain
(5:36:37 PM) Scubameg1975: Booo
(5:36:38 PM) retroper: chinaco anejo $35 at store down the street
(5:36:38 PM) Dave: McCain Georgia
(5:36:38 PM) jeffmat: GA for McSame
(5:36:39 PM) Carbon: Send some Chinaco tp me!
(5:36:39 PM) Nancy_Flom: I don't drink anymore, but I have ice cream!
(5:36:40 PM) Monkeyfister: GA is gone to MC
(5:36:41 PM) joebacon: GA went for Mc Fart
(5:36:41 PM) Throgg: goergia for JC
(5:36:41 PM) Feep: damn
(5:36:42 PM) Luminin: I have 6 beers, I wil be plastered by 4
(5:36:46 PM) thehiolllywo: God flowers are flowing here too as usual no Chinaco though
(5:36:48 PM) Neoconstipated: GA is fascist once again
(5:36:51 PM) bartcop: retroper - GET OUT
(5:36:53 PM) TomToo: ready to do some shots - when will obama turn a redstate blue?
(5:36:53 PM) HoustonWade: georgia, you suck!
(5:36:54 PM) Throgg: it was a longshot
(5:36:56 PM) Beantown: More Chicano thanyou can drink . . . pace yourself Bart
(5:36:56 PM) rude^boyee: here comes whitey vote report from megan
(5:36:57 PM) Feep: I was hoping Ga would see the light
(5:36:58 PM) Grumblecakes: I need to make an alcohol run.
(5:37:06 PM) retroper: True that Bart...bought a case 
(5:37:06 PM) HoustonGurl: I'm taking 3 bottles of the BEST DAMN BUBBLY OUT THERE to the watch party in Palestine, TX!!!!!
(5:37:06 PM) Javert: Damn McAfee was blocking irc
(5:37:07 PM) hoghed: {Kansas City MO=Funkytown}
(5:37:08 PM) Carbon: I work as a bartender pt. Have access to Don Julio 1942 HA HA
(5:37:09 PM) joebacon: Well, I guess that Shithead Saxby mayhang on
(5:37:10 PM) paulprp: GA wants more of the same
(5:37:11 PM) Zomar: If I was drinking, I'd die a happy death of alcohol poisoning tonight.
(5:37:12 PM) HoustonGurl: Piper Heidseick
(5:37:19 PM) bartcop: DJ 1942 rocks
(5:37:22 PM) mooseandsquirrel: yes, kcmo is funky
(5:37:25 PM) RChavez: More chicano than thou?
(5:37:26 PM) Throgg: chambliss?
(5:37:26 PM) gb: can't get good tequila around here...otherwise I'd do a shot or two to help this damn bronchitis
(5:37:34 PM) Scubameg1975: tequila makes me ill
(5:37:37 PM) Lionii: shit GA thinks limbaugh is a patriot
(5:37:38 PM) bartcop: gb - you can order online
(5:37:38 PM) Dave: Texas is close
(5:37:39 PM) thehiolllywo: DJ 1942 I remember that from Vegas
(5:37:40 PM) Dave: damn
(5:37:41 PM) ***foopah takes a drink as tweety mentions PA again
(5:37:45 PM) rmadrazo: not CHICANO... CHINACO  :) 
(5:37:46 PM) TomToo: 1942 time?
(5:37:47 PM) thehiolllywo: Bartcop Tequilafest 
(5:37:48 PM) OldHag: i have got to sign off guys, very late here and my eyes keep falling shut
(5:37:49 PM) gb: where from, Bart?
(5:37:51 PM) PittsburghMel7126: I got migraines so I'm poppin darvocet
(5:37:54 PM) Carbon: I sell it for $25 a shot
(5:37:58 PM) Luminin: cut the confed
(5:38:00 PM) HoustonWade: When is another Bartfest happening?
(5:38:01 PM) bartcop: gb, I'm in tulsa
(5:38:06 PM) OldHag: i wish you a GOOD night and A GOOD President!!!!
(5:38:08 PM) HiColonic: Holy shit, these guys are going to be PISSED tomorrow!
(5:38:10 PM) Monkeyfister: In PA, Obama has 62%
(5:38:10 PM) HoustonWade: THe last one that wasn't a pokerfest was in 2002
(5:38:11 PM) bartcop: Houston whalefest in Jan in LA
(5:38:14 PM) Ewoks4Bar: wait how did they call PA when there's only like 6000 votes in for the state?
(5:38:14 PM) gb: lol...I knew that...meant where to order from
(5:38:15 PM) OldHag: love you bart, keep hammering
(5:38:16 PM) Luminin: cut the confederacy in two
(5:38:17 PM) py: c ya oldhag
(5:38:18 PM) Ewoks4Bar: 62% of 6000 >.>
(5:38:18 PM) jeffmat: Love to join you folks in the tequila fest, but I had to quit
(5:38:19 PM) OldHag: bye
(5:38:19 PM) Neoconstipated: GA is why FL doesn't break off
(5:38:23 PM) Scubameg1975: Bye Old Hag
(5:38:26 PM) bartcop: Houston I remember you were there with your skateboard
(5:38:27 PM) thehiolllywo: Whalefest Whalefest Whalefest
(5:38:27 PM) Monkeyfister: 62-37

(5:38:34 PM) PittsburghMel7126: bye old hag
(5:38:34 PM) HoustonWade: I can got o LA in January
(5:38:38 PM) Ewoks4Bar: I live in northwest florida panhandle -- it's like living in southern alabama
(5:38:52 PM) rmadrazo: that sucks, Ewoks
(5:38:53 PM) thehiolllywo: Zomar, whats happening, I remember you from Chicago
(5:38:54 PM) Scubameg1975: Taking a break to grade papers.
(5:38:55 PM) joebacon: Well, I'm biting my nails on Prop 8
(5:38:56 PM) TomToo: got a week plus vacation saved for whalefest
(5:39:02 PM) TomToo: still waiting for some details
(5:39:04 PM) Ewoks4Bar: yeah, like i said earlier, my polling station was at a baptist church
(5:39:09 PM) HoustonWade: I still use in more than my car
(5:39:10 PM) Carbon: Living in Alabama must be like getting kicked in the nuts everyday
(5:39:11 PM) TomToo: it's a long drive...
(5:39:12 PM) Lionii: hey, what you teach"?
(5:39:14 PM) Ewoks4Bar: i almost caught fire when i went in to vote
(5:39:20 PM) Scubameg1975: High school biology
(5:39:21 PM) FlatElmo: is old hag from limey land?
(5:39:27 PM) Lionii: ah
(5:39:29 PM) gb: voted at the same library where Dole cast her losing vote today
(5:39:31 PM) TomToo: old hag is from holland
(5:39:33 PM) Lionii: I teach college bioethics
(5:39:38 PM) Lionii: and sociologyh
(5:39:38 PM) FlatElmo: oic
(5:39:39 PM) Scubameg1975: Cool
(5:39:39 PM) jeffmat: Evolution Too!
(5:39:44 PM) Scubameg1975: Yay evolution!
(5:39:58 PM) rude^boyee: FAck
(5:39:59 PM) paulprp: does anyone else here have brainwashed family that voted for mccain?
(5:39:59 PM) skip: PA officially called yet?
(5:39:59 PM) Guest: Tonight a victory for evolution 
(5:40:03 PM) RChavez: evilution, HA HA
(5:40:07 PM) py: r u friends of pz myers?
(5:40:08 PM) rude^boyee: GA is fox called for lumpy
(5:40:12 PM) jeffmat: My brother did
(5:40:13 PM) Ewoks4Bar: my mom voted for mclame
(5:40:16 PM) Luminin: Old hag? Kaye baliy? Mussouri douche?
(5:40:16 PM) Fud: socialist are allowed in here
(5:40:16 PM) Feep: Pa is gone to Obama
(5:40:18 PM) Guest: Maybe rednecks will evolve now too
(5:40:20 PM) Scubameg1975: My dumb father-in-law, but he's in CT. ha ha.
(5:40:21 PM) enfuegored: i have a brainwashed family, but me and the boyfriend cancelled their ks votes
(5:40:21 PM) bartcop: CNN projects PA fpor Obama
(5:40:22 PM) Ewoks4Bar: stepdad, dad, all my aunts/uncles/grandparents voted obama
(5:40:24 PM) gb: my grand-parents-in-law voted for McInsane
(5:40:25 PM) skip: officially, feep?
(5:40:26 PM) retroper: YESS!
(5:40:27 PM) Javert: cnn finally calls PA
(5:40:30 PM) TomToo: yeppers too many of my cousins are brainwashed republican't putsch fellators
(5:40:30 PM) steeve: my parents predicted gloom of Obama wins, just like they predicted gloom when Bill Clinton won
(5:40:31 PM) Throgg: cnn calls PA for BO
(5:40:34 PM) bartcop: PA for Obama!!!!!!!!!
(5:40:38 PM) retroper: woo whoo!
(5:40:38 PM) joebacon: Oh shit, my sister lost her temeper
(5:40:42 PM) gb: Go PA
(5:40:45 PM) rude^boyee: wow they waited longer than fox
(5:40:46 PM) joebacon: sent a NASTY e-mail to me
(5:40:47 PM) Throgg: IT IS OVER
(5:40:49 PM) retroper: kicked his ass
(5:40:49 PM) skip: wut site you guys lookin at
(5:40:49 PM) HoustonWade: Grand Park looks like one huge party.
(5:40:50 PM) bartcop: I just got a little wood
(5:40:51 PM) Ewoks4Bar: mum is one of those "i don't care about the issues, i just vote republican" people
(5:40:53 PM) Scubameg1975: Joe, what did she say!
(5:40:55 PM) stlsaxman: Penn for Obama?!?!?
(5:40:57 PM) Scubameg1975: ha, Bart
(5:40:59 PM) joebacon: when I told her I voted for Obama AND voted NO on 8
(5:41:04 PM) chookie: red ass to mcCain in PA 65% for OHB
(5:41:05 PM) bartcop: I wish I was in Grant Park with Chicago Jim!
(5:41:06 PM) ludgere: cool footage of grant park
(5:41:06 PM) Zomar: New Jersy for Obama, per M$NBC
(5:41:08 PM) Scubameg1975: Stupid 8! Good for you
(5:41:08 PM) retroper: ha ha
(5:41:14 PM) Luminin: Service high school MSNBC
(5:41:18 PM) Luminin: alaska
(5:41:19 PM) Ewoks4Bar: 2 in florida was similar to 8 in cali
(5:41:23 PM) Ewoks4Bar: No on 2!!
(5:41:26 PM) Fud: this is a clean sweep, cant wait to shove it down the freepers throats
(5:41:30 PM) Monkeyfister: I wish we were ALL in Grant Park right now, Bart!
(5:41:33 PM) Scubameg1975: YAY FOR GAYS
(5:41:33 PM) steeve: Why not write prop 9 overturning prop 8?  We never take advantage of stupid rules
(5:41:36 PM) enfuegored: Always a path to victory. Called cheating etc.
(5:41:40 PM) IMSancho: g'day all
(5:41:46 PM) retroper: fuck you candy 
(5:41:46 PM) gb: If he loses VA, he's definitely toast.  McCain has no path w/o VA
(5:41:47 PM) py: lizard said PA is Philly in east, Pitt in west, and alabama in the middle.
(5:41:47 PM) Scubameg1975: G'day
(5:41:48 PM) bartcop: Candy Crowley is eating a bowl of cookie dough on TV
(5:41:49 PM) joebacon: Hey I had a VERY DISTASTEFUL encounter with Mor(m)ons
(5:41:51 PM) rude^boyee: hi sancho
(5:41:52 PM) retroper: ha ha
(5:41:55 PM) chookie: They can't cheat their way out of this one....
(5:41:59 PM) bartcop: Sancho!
(5:42:01 PM) ***CupOJoe is on the air at the moment
(5:42:04 PM) Zomar: Ah, Candy Cowface.
(5:42:07 PM) Lionii: is there any other kind joe?
(5:42:11 PM) Monkeyfister: SANCHO!
(5:42:12 PM) Fud: one asshole yesterday said he will come back to gloat when mccain wins by a landslide
(5:42:14 PM) IMSancho: 3:1 on cnn atm, like what I'm seeing  :) 
(5:42:17 PM) Cayobo: Pa for Obama!!!!
(5:42:22 PM) Guest is now known as Cats4Obama
(5:42:25 PM) joebacon: circle jerks shot off their mouths when I took a girlfriend to lunch
(5:42:31 PM) retroper: look at that crowd
(5:42:32 PM) Luminin: God they got cheater mcchimp on FOX 100%
(5:42:34 PM) FlatElmo: bunch o rednek states just went red
(5:42:35 PM) mooseandsquirrel: bart only draws a crowd here on an election night, what is up with that?
(5:42:38 PM) chookie: WOW -- look at chicago!!
(5:42:40 PM) Carbon: WTF is up with Virginia?
(5:42:43 PM) mooseandsquirrel: bart you have POWER
(5:42:43 PM) joebacon: making snide remarks about why I was with a black girl
(5:42:45 PM) paulprp: according to my family obama is: Islamic, the anti-christ, friends with bin laden, and oh yeah a nigger
(5:42:46 PM) foopah: decriminalize up 67% im ma!

(5:42:57 PM) py: looking at warner's win in va, what are the nets waiting for in va prez race?   its gotta go obama
(5:42:58 PM) bartcop: Can you imagine a million people all having the same orgasm?
(5:42:59 PM) joebacon: Remember, Jim Webb only won by 22K
(5:42:59 PM) HoustonWade: candy crowly has a face made for radio
(5:43:01 PM) jeffmat: He's Black????
(5:43:04 PM) TomToo: nice morals those mrmons got there joebacon
(5:43:06 PM) Solo: BBC has Repub conceding Virgina to Obama
(5:43:08 PM) jeffmat: oh shit
(5:43:15 PM) hoghed: my sister didn't send me very much right-wing bullshit during this election cycle...almost nil, in fact
(5:43:15 PM) gb: VA not looking good atm
(5:43:19 PM) Luminin: Beer #4 for OBAMA
(5:43:26 PM) mad-matt: Hey Bart!!!
(5:43:26 PM) Throgg: looks like VA will be 1 or 2 points either way. no surprise, but I think BO will take it
(5:43:32 PM) Cayobo:
(5:43:33 PM) foopah: way to catch up lumin
(5:43:34 PM) bartcop: mad-matt!!
(5:43:35 PM) ludgere: Send all those relatives over to bart's site.
(5:43:36 PM) joebacon: Look they were trying to stick some Yes on * shit in my hands and I 
told them to take their fucking magic underwear and stick it up their ass
(5:43:36 PM) mad-matt: Matt from Northwest Iowa is in da chat!
(5:43:38 PM) Scubameg1975: My hamster "Ohama" is excited
(5:43:44 PM) Lionii: nc looking really good
(5:43:49 PM) paulprp: i argued with my sister for 2 hours that he was born in the United States and is not islamic
(5:43:49 PM) Cats4Obama is now known as bastropian
(5:43:50 PM) enfuegored: I think we need to skip VA and count the others on the projections
(5:43:51 PM) gb: right now, totals show Obama ahead here in NC
(5:43:57 PM) thehiolllywo: I got a election party to go to but I want to wait and make sure that Obama 
looks good, I'd hate to go there and see everyone looking sad
(5:43:58 PM) Cayobo: 102 O 34 M
(5:43:58 PM) EnderW: bbl
(5:43:59 PM) rude^boyee: fox ignoring presidential race
(5:44:04 PM) Carbon: VA - Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax not reporting yet
(5:44:05 PM) joebacon: and then I tol them I would vot NO on 8 so Lindsay Graham 
and Matt Drudge could finally come out here and get married
(5:44:07 PM) mad-matt: Fox=sucks
(5:44:08 PM) IMSancho: on aussie tv here they crossed to their reporter at the repub party, an empty resort 
only for invited rich backers, then the obama party, saying they expect 1 Mill+ :D
(5:44:09 PM) Luminin: YES WE BEER
(5:44:09 PM) rude^boyee: its a race to senate filibuster
(5:44:12 PM) bartcop: pinch me - do we really have a Black president?
(5:44:13 PM) Fud: IL is locked up
(5:44:15 PM) Solo: again repubs crying about Obama having more money than them Bo Ho!
(5:44:16 PM) enfuegored: Fox will have colmes do the concession speech
(5:44:26 PM) Luminin: not yet 
(5:44:28 PM) philntexas: hey paulprp
(5:44:28 PM) philntexas: <+paulprp> according to my family obama is: Islamic, 
the anti-christ, friends with bin laden, and oh yeah a nigger
(5:44:31 PM) paulprp: not yet bart
(5:44:41 PM) philntexas: uhh your family is a bunch of fuck nuts
(5:44:44 PM) Luminin: colmes -> weenie
(5:44:46 PM) skip: fuck all pukes infinitely hard
(5:44:46 PM) joebacon: Damn If I could ONLY get within range of LIEberman with a pie in my hands
(5:44:46 PM) Lionii: bush was antichrist
(5:44:49 PM) gb: local news just called for Hagen.  Obama still ahead in NC
(5:44:52 PM) bartcop: Dana Bash - how early do we call this?
(5:44:54 PM) jeffmat: FOX won't concede
(5:44:59 PM) paulprp: yes, i cant help it
(5:45:01 PM) mad-matt: Some asshole at where I work declared an Obama admin will result in immorality
(5:45:02 PM) Throgg: CNN hinting McCain will concede when he loses Virginia
(5:45:02 PM) gb: 58% for obama in NC
(5:45:03 PM) joebacon: I got it all set
(5:45:03 PM) Lionii: good bye dole
(5:45:05 PM) Carbon: To philntexas: that's PRESIDENT nigger to you
(5:45:05 PM) Lionii: good riddance
(5:45:12 PM) mooseandsquirrel: we will name our next cat obami (only because we only have female cats)
(5:45:12 PM) hoghed: of coure faux will not concede
(5:45:12 PM) Ewoks4Bar: fox will never concede, never surrender, they will not tire, they will not falter!
(5:45:12 PM) bartcop: ha ha carbon
(5:45:13 PM) Scubameg1975: NUH UH, Throgg!
(5:45:15 PM) Fud: enfuegored lol alan colmes crying on stage
(5:45:15 PM) rude^boyee: they got a george clooney lookalike on fox
(5:45:16 PM) philntexas: its ok i have some too
(5:45:25 PM) joebacon: the minute Obama is declared on Fox, gonna have iTunes play FUNKY PRESIDENT
(5:45:26 PM) steeve: I won't concede either -- need one of OH FL NC VA.  then it's really over
(5:45:27 PM) Zomar: Fux is crying about "new voters".  It's o unfair that they're all Democrats!
(5:45:27 PM) Carbon: The winner is near!
(5:45:30 PM) skip: fuck alan colmes
(5:45:30 PM) HoustonWade: mad mat, John Adams said that Jefferson would teach our children rape and murder as well
(5:45:31 PM) enfuegored: exactly fud, that way the others don't have to do it
(5:45:32 PM) M|U: i'm sill hoping mccain will concede and admit that he threw the election to fark over the repub bastards
(5:45:42 PM) Monkeyfister: INTRADE has obama 96-4% for Obama
(5:45:43 PM) Throgg: Um..Uh HuH scummy
(5:45:46 PM) bartcop: that george clooney lookalike is so handsome I'd take him out
(5:45:47 PM) paulprp: all the white trash rednecks can choke on it
(5:45:47 PM) stlsaxman: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner at the White House"! 
(5:45:47 PM) Ewoks4Bar: new voters? how dare they let everyone vote
(5:45:48 PM) Eroshan: he's not really black he is a mix just like the rest of us
(5:45:49 PM) mad-matt: wade - tru.dat
(5:45:51 PM) FlatElmo: alan colmes what a sparrow chest
(5:45:58 PM) Carbon: Are Freepers haveing gun cleaning accidents yet?
(5:46:01 PM) Ewoks4Bar: florida 51% obammmy
(5:46:02 PM) rude^boyee: feeney loses in floridah
(5:46:03 PM) rude^boyee: ha
(5:46:05 PM) bartcop: ha ha elmo sparrow chest
(5:46:05 PM) rude^boyee: ha

(5:46:07 PM) Shade: evening.. happy election night

(5:46:14 PM) enfuegored: obama up in FLA?
(5:46:15 PM) Javert: McCain really in Chicago as the suprise introduction of Barack, lol.
(5:46:16 PM) TomToo: msgop says the real story is that obama hasn't flipped any republican't states yet.  frelltards...
(5:46:16 PM) retroper: happy yes shade
(5:46:17 PM) Lionii: good feeney out?
(5:46:18 PM) Feep: evening
(5:46:20 PM) Carbon: YAy! Feeney loses!
(5:46:22 PM) stlsaxman: hiya Shade!
(5:46:24 PM) Fud: alan colmes with a fake arrow through the head
(5:46:27 PM) rude^boyee: feeney out!
(5:46:30 PM) PittsburghMel7126: lol
(5:46:31 PM) retroper: ha ha
(5:46:31 PM) RChavez: The need a story
(5:46:32 PM) Ewoks4Bar: i think he's up in FL, maybe i read that wrong
(5:46:32 PM) Feep: Obama is leading in Fla
(5:46:33 PM) jeffmat is now known as Jeff_in_Akron
(5:46:34 PM) Shade: saxdude! what up??!
(5:46:34 PM) Scubameg1975: Throgg, don't call me Scummy!
(5:46:37 PM) bartcop: Hollywood liberal - look up and see the private chat room
(5:46:38 PM) paulprp: joe the plumber wants to go buy guns, but cant afford them
(5:46:38 PM) Feep: too close to call
(5:46:39 PM) mad-matt: IN=too stupid for reason.
(5:46:40 PM) Carbon: Feeney wants to become the next Abrahoff
(5:46:42 PM) Scubameg1975: I need a new nickname  :( 

(5:46:44 PM) Zomar: Jesus.  M$NBC has a red&blue map of FL.  Looks like a dong with a social disease.
(5:46:46 PM) Javert: Fl is tight and the western panhandle is very red
(5:46:50 PM) chookie: FL panhandle very redneck though
(5:46:53 PM) stlsaxman: it's ALL good!  how's by you?
(5:46:54 PM) Jeff_in_Akron: LOL Zomar
(5:46:56 PM) steeve: FL "America's wang"
(5:47:06 PM) PittsburghMel7126: yes homer
(5:47:06 PM) Shade: holding my own, i guess...
(5:47:07 PM) Neoconstipated: alligator fuckers
(5:47:08 PM) skip: heh
(5:47:08 PM) Carbon: Time for shot #2
(5:47:11 PM) IMSancho: maybe joe the plumber will be able to afford it with his tax cut :P
(5:47:16 PM) Shade: how are the polls in St. Louie?

(5:47:21 PM) Scubameg1975: "Cool their heels in Grant Park" SHUT UP!
(5:47:24 PM) Feep: Ohio or Fla goes to Obama I'll pour the champagne
(5:47:33 PM) gb: Calling race in NC08 for Kissell.  Down w/Robin Hayes!!! 59% to 41%
(5:47:37 PM) stlsaxman: so far so good.... still tight
(5:47:39 PM) thehiolllywo: private chat room?
(5:47:39 PM) Ewoks4Bar: obama's up in florida by about 5% rite now
(5:47:40 PM) HoustonWade: All we need is one state to flip.  Come on Virginia!
(5:47:46 PM) RChavez: giuliani looking loke a retard, saying "when McLame wins"
(5:47:46 PM) joebacon: Remember Carter carried Ohio by only 9000 votes in 1976
(5:47:49 PM) paulprp: freepers going to "plan B"?
(5:47:57 PM) thehiolllywo: where is it bart?
(5:47:58 PM) Shade: yeah, I imagined it would be in ol' miseri
(5:48:03 PM) Scubameg1975: I'm opening champers now. I want a drink.
(5:48:03 PM) Ewoks4Bar: i hope mccain loses arizona in some horrible (awesome) fluke
(5:48:07 PM) gb: too early for me, Joebacon...I was only 4 in 76
(5:48:08 PM) Scubameg1975: haha
(5:48:12 PM) steeve: plan B let Obama clean the mess then pretend they did it
(5:48:15 PM) Fud: dont forget the fla panhandle votes last
(5:48:18 PM) Throgg:  so far so good.... still tight....sounds like my honeymoon
(5:48:18 PM) rude^boyee: barry up 140k in fla
(5:48:19 PM) RChavez: "Plan B": Yes he won but...

(5:48:23 PM) enfuegored: So, if all the remaining Kerry states stay Kerry etc, where are we at?
(5:48:24 PM) Ewoks4Bar: panhandle is always WAY rethug
(5:48:31 PM) thehiolllywo: OK bart I found it if you want to go back
(5:48:32 PM) CupOJoe: OK I am off the phone with Bob Kincaid at the Head On Network
(5:48:33 PM) Scubameg1975: I think McCain VA, Obammy FL
(5:48:36 PM) enfuegored: Waiting for Chuck Todd to do the math
(5:48:37 PM) bartcop: Fud, do you have a way to record all this?
(5:48:42 PM) paulprp: plan B, bankrupt us and blame Obama
(5:48:42 PM) Ewoks4Bar: FL panhandle == southern alabama
(5:48:43 PM) HoustonWade: Florida Panhandle:  More churches per capita, more strip clubs per capita in America.
(5:48:48 PM) JoeLiberal: If i were a wolf id be bummed tonight...sarah's coming back. 

(5:48:53 PM) Ewoks4Bar: houston - so true
(5:48:57 PM) Carbon: Panhandlers = goatfuckers

(5:49:03 PM) gb: lol @ joeliberal
(5:49:07 PM) thehiolllywo: Hey Bart I was in there but missed you
(5:49:07 PM) chookie: you're right -- bad news for wolves and moose
(5:49:08 PM) Ewoks4Bar: hey, i'm in teh panhandle
(5:49:13 PM) Ewoks4Bar: we're not ALL bad... just like 80% of us
(5:49:14 PM) foopah: baaaaaah
(5:49:15 PM) mkoch: hey, i grew up in the panhandle...
(5:49:17 PM) gb: mooselini
(5:49:24 PM) Carbon: Not you, Ewok.  Goats are safe from you

(5:49:30 PM) Zomar: Don't fool yourselves.  The Nazis already have plans made to destroy Obama. 
It's gonna be nastier than what they did to Clinton.

(5:49:31 PM) paulprp: wanna bet gas prices go up tommorow?
(5:49:32 PM) Ewoks4Bar: ohok... damn goatlovers  :( 

(5:49:35 PM) gb: that's a great t-shirt...image won't leave my mind
(5:49:40 PM) philntexas: who won Indiana?
(5:49:42 PM) RChavez: Agreed Zomar
(5:49:42 PM) chookie: redneck riviera = panhandle
(5:49:44 PM) steeve: wanna bet stocks go up tommorow?
(5:49:46 PM) stlsaxman: Scubameg: type "/nick (chooseyournick) in the input line to change your nick if you want to
(5:49:47 PM) Carbon: mkock I don't know about you!  :) 
(5:49:50 PM) steeve: and consumer confidence?
(5:49:50 PM) Scubameg1975: I wish O's Grammy had made it one more day  :( 
(5:49:55 PM) Luminin: <paulprp> wanna bet gas prices go up tommorow? -> if obama wins they go down
(5:49:59 PM) Shade: yeah, me too...
(5:50:01 PM) Ewoks4Bar: obama's up by about 100k in NC
(5:50:02 PM) mkoch: I'm cool, i moved to LA 
(5:50:12 PM) chookie: gergen: Very big win for Obama!
(5:50:13 PM) philntexas: who won Indiana?
(5:50:15 PM) philntexas: who won Indiana?
(5:50:15 PM) Shade: maybe she already knew, so it was ok for her to move on
(5:50:20 PM) mkoch: and I convinced 2 of my family back there to go Obama
(5:50:22 PM) Ewoks4Bar: nah gas'll go up between now and january -- remember, monkey boy is still pres until then
(5:50:25 PM) Luminin: ?
(5:50:25 PM) Luminin: <philntexas> who won Indiana?
(5:50:25 PM) RChavez: Mayb\\\
(5:50:28 PM) Luminin: ?
(5:50:28 PM) Luminin: <philntexas> who won Indiana?
(5:50:29 PM) Throgg: Nader took Indiana. real shocker
(5:50:29 PM) joebacon: AH I love it
(5:50:29 PM) bartcop:
(5:50:29 PM) Ewoks4Bar: he has to steal as much as possible before he's out
(5:50:30 PM) chookie: Bennett concedes -- it's almost over foR McC
(5:50:33 PM) paulprp: they will rape us with no lube till Jan 20, and blame Obama
(5:50:34 PM) rude^boyee: indiana to close
(5:50:34 PM) kimber60: too close to call INdiana
(5:50:35 PM) Luminin: No one yet danm
(5:50:37 PM) Monkeyfister: I'm just north of Memphis... Bartcoppers ALWAYS welcome.. 
(5:50:39 PM) PittsburghMel7126: obama is still leading in wv
(5:50:39 PM) Feep: we can all thank katie Couric
(5:50:40 PM) philntexas: thanks
(5:50:40 PM) RChavez: Just what I thought Shade
(5:50:41 PM) rude^boyee: 51-48 mccain
(5:50:48 PM) Carbon: McCain is up in Michigan
(5:50:49 PM) enfuegored: define Santorum lol
(5:50:51 PM) Shade: damn this room is packed tonght...
(5:50:55 PM) HoustonWade: I wonder who Bush is going to lastminute pardon?
(5:51:01 PM) M|U: mouston: rove
(5:51:01 PM) Feep: she exposed Palin for rhe rube she really is
(5:51:01 PM) Luminin: Ron silver on fox
(5:51:04 PM) joebacon: They will NOT COUNT Santorum's ballot because he lives in Virginia
(5:51:04 PM) Lionii: mccain will not stay up in mi
(5:51:05 PM) Ewoks4Bar: he's going to pardon saddam
(5:51:11 PM) Ewoks4Bar: (owaityoucan'tdothatlol)
(5:51:11 PM) FlatElmo: where is east virginia anyways?
(5:51:11 PM) gb: of course they will...they are going to steal every last dust bunny from the treasury before they creep off to paraguay
(5:51:14 PM) Lionii: west side counts faster
(5:51:16 PM) chookie: still ahead on FL
(5:51:16 PM) Hochizen: no, gas will go down....demand is down, China is, the companies WILL start to cover their asses
(5:51:17 PM) Lionii: east very dem
(5:51:21 PM) paulprp: he will pardon his whole cabinet
(5:51:21 PM) Javert: I wonder if Senator Stevens was allowed to vote
(5:51:25 PM) rude^boyee: bush will pardon whoever is available to fly the chopper off to paraguay
(5:51:26 PM) Monkeyfister: Not really, tho, CD... The BIG counties haven' t reported.

(5:51:41 PM) Monkeyfister: RUSBLIB!
(5:51:44 PM) gb: yep...technically, stevens isn't convicted until the sentencing
(5:51:46 PM) Hochizen: plus, in Mich....HUGE absentee voting
(5:51:46 PM) HoustonWade: That would be wonderful if Alaska has a no felons law
(5:51:47 PM) Throgg:  damn this room is packed tonght...just like my honeymoon
(5:51:48 PM) Shade: paraguay's not so safe for him anymore...
(5:51:51 PM) Ewoks4Bar: he'll pardon what's his name in alaska....
(5:51:55 PM) Fud: tennesee, jeezbus 
(5:51:56 PM) chookie: carville: no path for mcC now
(5:51:59 PM) Evolouie: Indian 51 48 mccaine
(5:52:00 PM) enfuegored: lol throgg
(5:52:01 PM) Ewoks4Bar: that senator who's running on the "convicted felon" ticket
(5:52:03 PM) Hochizen: and they ain't voting for mccain in mich by absentee
(5:52:03 PM) Luminin: Reid found some balls and said stevens will have no vote
(5:52:08 PM) Carbon: Santorum occurs when Bush tries to think

(5:52:11 PM) Fud: guess they really do hate blacks there
(5:52:24 PM) Monkeyfister: I'm SORRY I live here, Fud-- My heart is in my beloved Michigan.
(5:52:33 PM) gb: reid couldn't find balls if they slapped him in the face.  I'm surprised he didn't apologize immediately
(5:52:34 PM) ludgere: Palin "All of 'em..."hahahahaha
(5:52:36 PM) Javert: If Stevens wins, the Dems can point to him for a long time and say the Repubs allow a felon to sit in caucus with them
(5:52:37 PM) chookie: senate looks pretty in blue
(5:52:43 PM) mad-matt: Luminin - Reid will apologize in about 2 hours for that one
(5:52:44 PM) paulprp: i live in KY-Hell
(5:52:47 PM) FlatElmo: eyes born in mich
(5:52:51 PM) Feep: Indiana hasn't reported/tallied Gary yet
(5:53:00 PM) dnkypunch: yeah, i hope stevens wins big
(5:53:01 PM) Ewoks4Bar: republican felons, what's new javert?
(5:53:04 PM) Luminin: Love to see AZ go for Obama, if south AZ can put a dem in as GOV, we can do OBAMA
(5:53:04 PM) kimber60: Yes, the R
(5:53:06 PM) HoustonWade: at least KY is nice an slippery
(5:53:06 PM) Lionii: cool
(5:53:11 PM) RChavez: KY hell sounds like scratch sex
(5:53:16 PM) Lionii: I would love to see in come in obama
(5:53:24 PM) gb: felonious republicans = redundant
(5:53:26 PM) Luminin: LOL HoustonWade
(5:53:26 PM) enfuegored: wha?
(5:53:27 PM) Monkeyfister: Harry Reid needs his ass kicked... or a sternly worded letter aimed at him.
(5:53:27 PM) Carbon: Obama still up in WVA
(5:53:39 PM) gb: lol @ Monkeyfister

(5:53:45 PM) Javert: I don't understand why Hillary doesn't want Senate Majority Leader, she'd take names and cut balls off
(5:53:46 PM) Evolouie: Indiana lake county 74 to 26% Obama
(5:53:47 PM) HoustonWade: oooh Indian is so tight they call it "Virgy"
(5:53:48 PM) chookie: really true about WV?
(5:53:51 PM) py: any word on murtha?
(5:53:52 PM) HoustonWade: Indiana
(5:53:52 PM) Fud: Monkeyfister i know, not everyone in a state is a racist mother fucking sister marrying goat porking hick
(5:53:56 PM) Luminin: Harry Reid needs his ass kicked... or a sternly worded letter aimed at him -> bitch slap
(5:53:57 PM) mad-matt: Hillary for AG!
(5:54:07 PM) Monkeyfister: Yeah, CD... It will HAVE to "officially " switch to Blue soon, I would think.
(5:54:11 PM) mad-matt: THAT would freak out the Repugs!
(5:54:17 PM) JTP-Mich: Hagen in!!!!
(5:54:18 PM) Javert: CNN calls Hagan defeating Dole
(5:54:19 PM) hoghed: website has MO going red
(5:54:20 PM) joebacon: Oh no here comes TOm De Lay
(5:54:24 PM) py: cnn  calls nc for the godless hagan...
(5:54:25 PM) Jeff_in_Akron: Hillary for the Supreme Court
(5:54:26 PM) chookie: CNN calls for Hagen -- libby the stripper is out
(5:54:28 PM) mad-matt: Go Hagan!!!!
(5:54:32 PM) Shade: so far in Ohio, 1% reporting... Obama 63-36%
(5:54:33 PM) Carbon: 15 States close in 7 minutes

(5:54:34 PM) IMSancho: just saw a shot of grant park, ppl pouring in!
(5:54:35 PM) Luminin: OH fuck criminal delay, MSNBC
(5:54:38 PM) foopah: eeew delay bugkiller
(5:54:39 PM) Ewoks4Bar: tom delay, gawd what an idiot
(5:54:40 PM) gb: Why isn't Delay in jail yet?
(5:54:43 PM) HoustonWade: Ack, it's Tom Delay!
(5:54:47 PM) Zomar: Satan worshippers wusta gotten the spell right.
(5:54:52 PM) Monkeyfister: MSNBC is paying to have the BUGMAN on? OH FUCK!
(5:54:52 PM) Ewoks4Bar: Bush is president, hence delay isn't in jail
(5:54:53 PM) Eroshan: grant park singing hymns 
(5:54:54 PM) ludgere: Go Red Wings!
(5:54:57 PM) Ewoks4Bar: bush would just pardon him
(5:54:59 PM) Fud: why isn't delay in prison now?
(5:55:01 PM) Grumblecakes: Delay...yack.
(5:55:05 PM) Carbon: Bob Dole just renewed his Viagra script. Liddy's coming home!
(5:55:06 PM) Fud: still on the loose
(5:55:07 PM) Luminin: YEA they all got caught being criminals
(5:55:08 PM) Lionii: not yet
(5:55:10 PM) chookie: did you hear about the robocall in FL saying Castro endorsed BHO? I am not making this up -- CNN
(5:55:10 PM) Ewoks4Bar: dems are sissies, that's why delay is free
(5:55:12 PM) gb: lol @ carbon
(5:55:23 PM) Monkeyfister: What is happening with his trial, anyway? asny Texans keeping track?
(5:55:23 PM) steeve: Bob and Liddy need to do Cialis in those bathtubs
(5:55:26 PM) FlatElmo: delay looks like he escaped from death row at alcatraz
(5:55:26 PM) Shade: I would say Go Blues, but Palin jinxed them already...
(5:55:31 PM) PittsburghMel7126: eeeew
(5:55:34 PM) enfuegored: Lightning should strike Delay
(5:55:36 PM) Luminin: dems are sissies, that's why delay is free -----> bitch slap everyone of them
(5:55:37 PM) Monkeyfister: Bart would be interested I am sure
(5:55:42 PM) Javert: Bob Dole better kick Britney out, Libby won't be impressed.
(5:55:45 PM) Luminin: Line 'em up

(5:55:46 PM) gb: we don't get that luck, enfuegored.
(5:55:48 PM) TomToo: fuck you delay you bastards ran the house for six mothercheneying years
(5:55:49 PM) monger: anything is possible, hahaha, supreme court is going to be fun. I hope some of them retire
before 2010, if the economy is still fucked up, the repubs might make gains in 2010 in the House and Senate when they blame it on the dems
(5:55:50 PM) Monkeyfister: TWICE
(5:56:00 PM) Feep: for the love of god will someone kick delay in the nuts
(5:56:02 PM) enfuegored: I know we're not that lucky gb
(5:56:04 PM) Luminin: FUCK, DELAY---> dems damage economy HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
(5:56:05 PM) PittsburghMel7126: lol
(5:56:09 PM) Ewoks4Bar: delay: they're going to double the minimum wage and it will destroy our economy
(5:56:11 PM) enfuegored: Still, I can hope
(5:56:13 PM) TomToo: delay he failed to mention you're a lying piece of shit too
(5:56:14 PM) Ewoks4Bar: "how dare we pay people"
(5:56:18 PM) ludgere: Damage to the economy?   Delay you idiot!
(5:56:21 PM) RChavez: I think the supremes were waiting for a demo Pres to retire
(5:56:28 PM) retroper: suck it delay...
(5:56:39 PM) Luminin: like its not on fucking life support right now because of him
(5:56:44 PM) Feep: Delay should be taking it up the ass in fed prison
(5:56:47 PM) Perkel: Obama will WIN it in 5 minutes from now
(5:56:47 PM) py: tom delay is a fuckin cockroach
(5:56:48 PM) HoustonWade: My aunt claims that the minimum wage isn't supposed to be living wage. 
What's the point of eraning money if you can't live off of it?
(5:56:51 PM) Lionii: chris is fucking him
(5:56:52 PM) Ewoks4Bar: No BS from someone so full of hate "I don't hate..." riight
(5:56:52 PM) Lionii: wow
(5:56:53 PM) gb: ditto, RChavez...maybe Uncle Slappy Thomas will keel over too
(5:56:56 PM) Javert: I remember when Thurgood Marshall tried so hard to wait, but had to retire before a Dem won
(5:57:01 PM) foopah: ooh tweety is happy now, he needed something to do with his mouth...
(5:57:05 PM) steeve: cretins need equal time.  it's in the constitution
(5:57:06 PM) TomToo: over the next few years we'll be hearing from tom delay from his jail cell
(5:57:08 PM) PittsburghMel7126: by a big black brother 
(5:57:12 PM) foopah: now he can fellate delay 
(5:57:14 PM) chookie: oh look -- bart's pal Tiger W
(5:57:19 PM) Monkeyfister: DeLay: "I don't hate--hahahahaha...." he giggled... little bastard.
(5:57:32 PM) stlsaxman: tiga woo!
(5:57:32 PM) Luminin: <foopah> now he can fellate delay ---> delay fellate
(5:57:32 PM) Zomar: You know, if you put all the Repigs together in a cell you'd have more buttsex going on than in a SF bathhouse.
(5:57:34 PM) Perkel: Should we call Obama the BIG O ?
(5:57:35 PM) Monkeyfister: Damn i want to stomp him like a Palmetto bug
(5:57:36 PM) FlatElmo: b4 reagan you could actually live offa min wage
(5:57:46 PM) Feep: burn in hell, delay 
(5:57:48 PM) py: delay ia another reason to not beleive in god.
(5:57:48 PM) retroper: he is a little bastard...wish I was still in houston I'd find him and cock punch him
(5:57:50 PM) Lionii: fine with me mark
(5:57:52 PM) paulprp: DeLay sure cheered ol' tweety up!
(5:58:00 PM) Luminin: Boy don imus on FOX ----> all the racists on one channel
(5:58:07 PM) Monkeyfister: The Republicans fixed THAT, didn't they, FlatElmo
(5:58:09 PM) HoustonWade: Everyone at FoxNews looks like they're dying.
(5:58:16 PM) FlatElmo: yessir
(5:58:18 PM) steeve: Imus is there for "balance"
(5:58:22 PM) Ewoks4Bar: houston; that's a wonderful thing
(5:58:26 PM) skip: fuk fox
(5:58:29 PM) Luminin: One stop racist channel
(5:58:31 PM) TomToo: oh please houstonwade let that be true
(5:58:34 PM) Feep: hopes hannity implodes
(5:58:39 PM) PittsburghMel7126: Imus is unbalanced
(5:58:41 PM) Feep: limbaugh too

(5:58:48 PM) monger: Dems have to come down hard on the criminals over the next two years, before midterm elections, 
so their crimes are exposed to the public. All the economic deregulation shit has to be brought to the light of day
(5:58:50 PM) Luminin: Well, the fox demo is dying

(5:58:52 PM) Monkeyfister: I'm down with Big O, Marc.
(5:58:57 PM) MsCellanyus: that skank nina easton on explaining the repub's fuck up now
(5:58:57 PM) HoustonWade: ah crap, Windows just updated to service pack three.  I'll be back after yet another restart.
(5:58:58 PM) Throgg: fox ratings will go UP. thier viewers prefer to be hating outsiders
(5:59:02 PM) gb: there will be a number of trips to emergency rooms for Republicans w/cardiac issues...

(5:59:13 PM) Zomar: CNN: Grampy takes AlaKKKlana
(5:59:14 PM) Monkeyfister: I've already got my "O" face on!
(5:59:16 PM) py: is limpballs on any tv 2nite....cnn calls bama for mcnasty...surprise.
(5:59:17 PM) Carbon: Limbaugh will need a trip to the Dominican Rep to "unwind"
(5:59:22 PM) TomToo: windhoze strikes again
(5:59:22 PM) Perkel: What do women here think - OBAMA = BIG O ?
(5:59:23 PM) RChavez: Window dis=service pack
(5:59:27 PM) Feep: We're not calling Pennsylvania yet, but several other networks are. In all likelihood, 
Obama needs to flip just one of the big red states out there to take this thing.
(5:59:31 PM) steeve: stole Big O
(5:59:34 PM) Ewoks4Bar: limbaugh will have to hide his viagra better this time
(5:59:36 PM) Monkeyfister: Michelle is gonna be GLOWING tomorrow!
(5:59:39 PM) Ewoks4Bar: maybe a baggie in his stomach
(5:59:40 PM) Luminin: COULD someone tell DEMS to stop pointing out what the REPUGS are doing wrong in the election 
(5:59:40 PM) ludgere: meh
(5:59:48 PM) Monkeyfister: She'll have the "O" face on too!
(5:59:50 PM) chookie: I really like Michelle

(5:59:54 PM) Cayobo: Just remember.... once you vote Barack, you never go back

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