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Subject: The Elizabeth Smart case

Jon Krakauer's book "Under the Banner of Heaven," describes what happened in this case 
as a usual practice among Fundamentalist LDS.

Many other books about the cult have been removed from circulation by threats of lawsuits,
or by replacement of critical tomes in public libraries with newer books telling of "the miracle
of the seagulls vs. the grasshoppers." The author of one book, on Mormon finance was
excommunicated, but then reinstated on the condition that he never again speak to his co-author,
a non-Mormon, Anson Shupe. "The Dark Side of Virtue" became unobtainable almost immediately
following its publication. A few used copies may still exist, one of which I purchased.

(Years ago, I did a class paper on Mormon Land Use, thinking of the group only as an identifiable
group that I could research. Instead, the trail led to Fortune 500 companies, the FBI, where 1/3 of
the agents are of LDS affiliation, they already accomplished at spying on one another to prevent
backsliding, and, later, involvement in the overthrow of the Allende government in Chile over the
issue of nationalization of copper mines).

FLDS continues to practice polygamy and child marriage. Mainstream LDS disavow the
once traditional practice, but the "scripture" authorizing it remains unchanged.

Utah has several "distinctions," - Salt Lake City is the Stock Fraud Capital of the US, Utah is a
major consumer of antidepressants, a major manufacturer of steroids, and a major consumer of porn,
judging from credit card data. There is closet alcoholism. Physical and psychological child abuse
abounds, according to a series in the LA Times some years ago.

There is also affinity crime - Mormons preying on Mormons.

Earlier, there was the Mountain Meadows Massacre of Oregon-bound men, women and children
old enough to testify in court, ordered by Brigham Young. John Lee stood before a firing squad
afterwards as Brigham's surrogate.

I bear the organization a grudge - they lured my nephew away, into the cult.
  James in Alhambra

Remember that raid in Texas a few years ago where they discovered all those raped child brides?
That shit goes in every day in America and nobody will speak out against it because "God likes that."

Same with Benny the Rat and his worldwide child rape club.

Raping kids is sport to these sons of bitches, but people keep giving them money
so they can bribe the few children who dare to report them.

America is the child rape capital of the world.

I need a fucking drink.


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