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Subject: Why I'm for Obama over Hillary

One of my hobbies is videogames.
Which one has wanted to limit the industry's free speech by "thinking of the children"?

I'm not a gamer, so all I know is what I've heard, and I heard of one game that,
after you buy your dope from the dealer, it awards you extra points if you return
and either kill or rape the dealer.

You would really let small children play that?

Who has supported the blatantly false "scientific" accusations made towards the
entertainment industry? - Hillary

I have no idea what that means.
It wouldn't hurt to drop some hints...

Which candidate is more friendly to the tech sector? - Obama

Objection! Assumes facts not in evidence.
Why do you say that?
What has Obama helped with?
When did Hillary refuse to help?
What subject are you on?

Besides, what does "More friendly" mean?
They rated Obama a 46 and rated Hillary a 45?
Or was Obama given an A+ while Hillary clearly deserved an F?

Which candidate is more friendly towards decriminalization
and medical use of "marihuana"? - Obama

"More friendly" again?
It's hard to refute "more friendly" without some facts.

It's my understanding Obama for against decriminalizing pot.
You you have a link that suggests I'm wrong about that?

Three issues that mean alot to me that Hillary doesn't come through on.
For the record, I don't see either of them often address these issues.

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