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Subject: Seriously, what are you going to do?

Bart, Joe Miller asked last issue – What can we do when Bush invades Iran?
You’re right, there’s nothing we can do, but I have a scarier, more serious question.

What are Y’all going to do when Bush declares a state of emergency, 
cancels elections, and America begins it’s era of dictatorship?

I use “Y’all” instead of “We” because I got my Dutch citizenship this year and I no longer feel a part 
of the mess over there. Like a German person living in America in 1938, I am deeply saddened by 
what I see, but glad I’m not there. The parallels between the deterioration of the German Republic 
into fascism and the deterioration of the American republic into a modern, smiley faced fascism are 
astounding. After six years of trying to make my fellow Americans aware of this and holding onto 
hope that people will wake up and remember what America used to stand for, pessimism has taken over. 
I feel it’s too late and have accepted the fact that the great experiment has failed.
But wait. Deep down inside is still a little cock-eyed optimist saying that Americans will come through 
when their backs are against the wall. The spirit of –We The People – will be re-ignited and combined 
with perhaps the most powerful tool given to democracy – the Internet – will crush the oppression. But, How?
It MUST be NON-violent. I say that not only because I hate violence, but because resistance 
against the American military/police would be more or less futile.
My idea would be to hit them in the only place they feel it – in the pocket books.
Only a massive shut down would have an effect. It would mean nobody goes to work, nobody shops,
nobody even uses electricity (except for life-threatening situations/occupations of course). It would have 
to be planned ahead of time, by the grassroots leaders of the 21st Century – the bloggers. It would have
to have an automatic trigger date (the day Bush cancels election?) just in case liberal blogs (and bloggers) 
suddenly start disappearing one day.
Most of all it will require courage. I imagine that not shopping, not driving your car, not watching TV, 
and not using the heater or air conditioner for a day or a week would take more courage than running 
to Washington with a gun in your hand, for most Americans.
Anyway, that’s my idea.
Good night and good luck
Bob Hollander

I'm not sure a massive shutdown would have an effect.
Bush has his stolen hundreds of billions of dollars and the military.
What does he care if business slows down?

Anyone have any better ideas?

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