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 Subject: Burno/MTV ass from the sky

The seating chart is made WELL in advance. (I've been to an Oscar® rehearsal.)

As a professional in the industry and in almost every performing union known to man.....
Of course they rehearsed it - even down to the guys around him trying to keep Sasha from
accidentally hurting anyone else - they were the placed "spotters" if you will - and don't forget
the guy who was controlling Sasha's wire... up and down as well as the how large of an arc
he could make (the shorter the wire, the smaller the arc.)

If Sasha was about to kick anyone accidentally in the face, (who hadn't been at the rehearsal),
the wire op would pull Sasha up very fast to clear him.

The first people to get sued would be MTV, then the theatre,
then the crew for not controlling the stunt well enough.

...which is why they "settled" on that phoney "He knew about it the while time" press release.

Of course the seating chart is known in advance.
They don't need Eminem sitting there to rehearse the naked drop.

I'll tell you one way we might learn something 
- if Eminem goes on some talk shows and laughs about what a fun trick it was 
- and how he laughed at the hotel for 3 hours - then I might believe it.

But if the subject is off limits ans he refuses to talk about it
that would tell me he's having trouble suppressing his rage.

These are just opinions, of course, but I'm amazed at the high percentage of people...

If I listed 50 male celebrities and we had to pick the very, very last guy who would take an ass
to the face for an MTV gag that would be replayed over and over until the end of time, 
wouldn't we agree that Eminem would be the very last guy on that list?

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