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Subject: Sacha and Eminem

Oh dude, I saw your response today (issue 2344),
and I laughed like Eminem in his hotel room.

My wife has less trouble admitting she's wrong!

I could be 100% wrong on this Eminem thing - that's entirely possible - because I have no facts.
But my gut tells me I'm right, and if there was a way to get the facts, I'd gamble with you.

Whatever your opinion of this Eminem "controversy" is,
you gotta remember that there's a lot of pride involved.

Rap is 90% boasting of your maschismo and you think
Eminem volunteered to take a face full of ass on live TV?

AFTER THE FACT, Eminem's options were very, very limited.

What could he do?
Scream, "That's not fair?"  like a helpless little victim?

The Eminem rage I saw was real.
I'd give up my Chinaco looooooong before Eminem salutes his feminine side.

BTW, what if Cohen had sat on Eminem's face for a full minute.
Would you still say Eminem was in on the "joke?"

What's next?
50 Cent releasing a gay porn tape?

I think you have not fully thought your position thru.

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