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Subject: Re: Eminem again

Bart, you wrote:

>When's the last time you saw a homophobic rapper put his face in a man's ass for a joke?

...well, if that specific example were common, it wouldn't have been amusing, would it?

It might be amusing if man-ass-face contact was generally accepted as amusing.

Homophobes think gay jokes are hilarious, and pranking their friends to make them look gay more so.

I'm not the first person to say this, but some gay jokes are funny.
It''s like - did Richard Pryor ever tell funny nigger jokes?
You bet he did, as did Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock and Earfquake!

By doing that, Richard Pryor dragged America about 30 years into the future.
I'm not sure why but comedy and truth seem to have a special relationship.

Have you not heard of teabagging?

I'm not intimate with the term, but I have a background in comedy and I track 
self-hating homosexual Fascist dogs for a living so I know what the terms means.  

Regardless of who's "pitching" and who's "receiving", it's gay oral sex.

I'm cool with whatever consenting adults want to do behind closed doors,
but not when one of the participants is physically trapped.

(Not calling Cohen homophobic, just willing to take any chance for a joke he can get.)

It's possible that SB Cohen is a genius who sometimes goes too far. I think he put the
ultimate humiliation on Eminem and the their multi-million dollar lawyers decided on the
"Eminem was in on the joke all along" press release to make all the bad stuiff go away.

Once he was punked, what other choice did Eminem have but to "admit" he was in on the "joke?" 

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