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Subject: Eminem

I watched Showbiz Tonight last night (which I generally ignore) only because they were doing a Eninem report. 
They had a statement from Eminem and he said that "yes, I was in on it. We rehearsed before the show about 
three or four times to make sure we got it right". He said after he "blew up", he went back to his room and laughed 
his ass off for the next three hours because he knew the gossip freaks would be wondering how pissed he really was.
 Dee in NJ

Right - that was an official statement release by Eminem's legal team.

I saw Eminem on a special edition of Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night - four days after..
It was taped, of course, and the Cohen trap never came up.   Gee, I wonder why?

If Eminem was in on the biggest joke of 2009, why not mention it?
Why isn't Eminem on the talk shows, laughing about how well his great joke worked?

The more I see the more I'm convinced they settled this lawsuit before it was filed.

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