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Subject: Re: Eminem and Bruno's Ass... 

I've worked in TV and film long enough to know that everything that winds up on the magic box (or the big screen) 
is filtered through so many damn lawyers that there is no such thing as "reality" TV.    If Bruno's ass wound up in 
Eminem's face, it was because Eminem's people negotiated the fark out of it with Baron Cohen's people. Otherwise, 
Marshall Mathers would be suing Sasha Baron Cohen for assault right now -- a much more profitable endeavor, 
especially since it's documented on video. (Sidebar: Cohen is hot. Eminem has not been for a while, but just released 
a new CD. He's just hitching his tired old ass to what the kids are into now in order to suck a few more minutes out 
of his used up fifteen, plain and simple.)

I disagree about 1,000 percent. Not sure why you said "IF Bruno's ass..."
because we're after the fact here and the whole world saw it..

One news story said they wanted to punk Paris Hilton (which would've been an outright sex crime) 
but she refused so they went with Eminem.  They say he semi-knew what was coming but he had
no idea he was going to eat some man-ass in front of millions on live TV. 

Are you saying Eminem consented to that?
That's the wildest characterization of an event I've heard so far this year.

Eminem can't sue Cohen because he'd have to claim damages and what self-respecting rapper
is going to get on the witness stand and boo-hoo about what that mean man did to him?

Are you familiar with rap culture at all? 
They settle scores with bullets, not lawsuits.

Eminem has the top selling CD in America two weeks in a row AND he's sold more CDs in the first week 
than any artist this year.  You can say his career has cooled off, but the cash registers disagree with you.

I didn't mention it before, but I'm a friend of a friend of Pamela Sue Anderson and Tommy Lee, and the whole 
"kidnap" thing in Borat with her was planned in advance, consented to and rehearsed. She pulled off her performance 
brilliantly to make it look like it wasn't, but that's just the smoke and mirrors. Sure, there was a bit of "I was duped" 
bluster from her when the film came out -- but it came and went, there was no lawsuit, and it faded once the need for it was gone.

I didn't see Borat but I heard about that "kidnapping.".
Apparently it cost Pamela her marriage to that Osama look-alike.

You're saying "Not everything Cohen does is real," and I agree with that.
But Eminem did not agree to kiss Cohen's ass in front of millions and you can take that to the bank.

Same thing with Eminem. And I don't get how you can see through the BS so easily 
when it comes to politics, then go totally blind when it comes to Hollywood. 

I don't see how our disagreeing is proof that I'm the guy who's wrong.
You position is that Eminem was looking forward to getting a face full of man ass on live TV.
My position is he's rather be shot multiple times.

One of us is wrong, and you're certain that *I* am naive, blind and distracted.
If there was a way to know for sure, I'd say let's get our wallets out.
Eminem can "admit" anything he wants until the cows come home
but that'd be like me "admitting" I'd been to the Moon.

Just like Washington DC, nothing you see is real. 

I'm sorry, but that's crazy talk.
MUCH of what we see isn't real, but you say nothing is real?

There's too much money involved behind the scenes otherwise, 
too much at stake if Cohen actually goes too far. 

Did you really write that sentence?  Did you just say that Cohen
doesn't make a move without clearing it with lawyers from both sides?
We are talking about Sacha Baron Cohen, right?

Remember when he got sued by the frat boys and the etiquette lady after Borat came out? 
Ever hear how those suits were resolved? No. Because they were just part of the orchestrated hype. 
Not that I don't think Baron Cohen isn't brilliant. But you have to understand that his brilliance is as 
a media manipulator, and you can't fall for it. His films are as fictional as "Lord of the Rings" or "Star Wars". 
They only pretend not to be real. Doesn't mean I still don't think they're hilarious.

Keep the hammer swinging, but don't let the stardust distract you.

So, once again, if we disagree it's because I can't pay attention?

What's real is that the whole world is talking about the fucking that Eminem took.
The idea that he would consent to that is crazier than President Palin.

Notice I said your idea was crazy, not you.
I believe two people can disagree without resorting to personal insults.

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