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Subject: Please enlighten us about Israel

Bart, you wrote:

> MAD doesn't work with the religiously insane.
> The insane are eager to die for their never-gonna-happen 72 virgins.
> Has your insanity blinded you?

I guess that means, no one ever had anything to fear from the Israelis even if Jerusalem 
was about to be over run by one of their many loving  Muslim neighbors, because god's 
chosen people are not religiously insane. 

Not sure what that means, but anybody who believes they're going to live forever 
with a ghost in his giant Ghost Castle in the sky is clearly insane.

If I told you I could fly, you'd use your brain and logic and knowledge of science and say,
"Bart, your claim makes no sense, so my brain tells me to reject it."

But when they sell you some wild story about eternal life with Casper, you're all in?
Why did God give you a brain? 
So you could reject science and logic?

No one's gonna be to quick start lobbing megatons around in that part of the world. 
Countries are small and borders are close together and radioactivity crosses borders. 

You're counting on Ahmahandjob to do the logical thing?
If you reject logic, why should you expect Ahmahandjob to embrace it?

It would be a real pisser if the nuts in Iran decided to cinder the Golan heights and radioactivity 
left 500 square miles of Jordan with it's Palestinian refuges poisoned. Real pickle for the mullah's huh?.

Besides, "They're all crazy," I don't have much of an opinion about the mullah's pickle.

By the way. I'm really confused about your attitude towards the state of Israel. I thought
you offered to broker a deal where the US would buy the Baja peninsula from Mexico for a
much safer home for the Israelis. Jeez you even offered you own backyard in Oklahoma!

I said if the Jews loved their kids more than their precious, sacred f-ing sand, they'd move to a place
where they weren't surrounded by 20M crazies who'd gladly give their lives to blow up a school bus.

Now it seems you think it would be a good idea for gods people to fight and die to the last man for the sacred sand.
Please enlighten us.
 DFG in blue PA

Not sure what you mean there, but my main point is if Israel gets hit by a nuke, they're not going to 
act like senate Democrats. They're going to figure "This is it!" and launch everything they've got.

I'm not looking forward to that.

Thanks for the note, I enjoyed the tangle.

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