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Subject: being equated with Jesse Jackson

bart, you ask "why is being equated with jesse jackson a horrible, terrible racial thing to say?"

first off, let me just say that i am a fan of the clintons...but when bill said that, i found it 
to be viscerally offensive, and i'm not one who espouses political correctness. 

it took me a while to figure out why, but i think the statement, in a sense, implies that blacks 
are shallow and superficial and only voted for obama for one reason only, cuz he's jesse. 

But does that make sense?
Is it racist to say firemen tend to vote for other firemen?
Is it racist to say women tend to vote for other women?
Is it racist to say Hispanics tend to vote for other Hispanics?
Is it racist to say tequila drinkers tend to vote for other tequila drinkers?

Of course not, so how does race play into it?

It doesn't, but there are those who profit from making Hillary out to be a racist.
Tell me - who profits most if Hillary is labled a racist?

You can't deny that he inspires people across all political backgrounds, especially the youth. 

I can't be SURE that's wrong, but I've seen no evidence that it's true.
Do you really think crusty old Republicans are going to vote for (their words)
"the Black newbie peacenik named Hussein who's to the left of Hillary?"

i like hillary, and will vote for her if she becomes the nominee, but obama has a much better 
shot of beating mccain and of unifying the country towards bringing about a much longer 
progressive renaissance.  with a hillary presidency, i'm afraid it will mortally stifle the rising 
progressive tide and we'll say a republican renaissance greater than we saw all throughout 
the nineties. 

hillary is tainted goods...

Do you understand that if Obama beats McCain in the Fall, he will be hated 
by the media and the right-wing sons of bitches that he beat?
Should we then throw him to the dogs because he's "tainted?"

Why can't people understand that 
winning elections means the GOP 
and the whore media hates you?

i don't know why people hater her so much, 

Could it be because she's a winner?

...especially for trying to bring something as noble as universal healthcare to the table. 
but they do...and she gave up! 

She gave up?
That's why she ran for the senate?
That's why she's running today?

Because she gave up?

and now she gets huge donations from big pharma...

Yes, she's trying a different way to get universal health care.

so go figure.

I'm trying, so help me Koresh.

as this stage...i'm ready to renounce my citizenship and move to norway. 

Meanwhile, Hillary chose to stay and fight, only to have people insult her 
and call her a quitter who's on the take from the big pharm bastards.

Yet she keeps fighting, while the nation and the Dems call her a racist whore.
Sometimes I wonder why she keeps trying.

my gut feeling is that obama is our only hope for redemption.

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