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 Subject: Hmmmmm...

I see that the Kool-Aid has been served.
It amazes me that there are those that expend so much energy disparaging others.

Dude, at it's all about the humor.

I can see that you have had your "I hate McCain/Palin" kool-aid drink for quite some while.
Do you not think that Obama/Biden deserve just as much of your attention?

I am pro-Obama/Biden and I'm anti-Fascist dog, so no.

This is funny - you wrote:

> "Sarah Palin is loved by Fascist dogs and the religiously-insane..."

And Obama is loved by whom? Only sane and forward-thinking people?

You got it.
See how easy it is?

BTW, I recommend The Church of Reality

What drivel.

ha ha
Drivel??  In politics?

You would most likely be better served by disparaging both sides.

I'm only in it for the money.

And for your information, David Swanson IS a chimp.

No, I've seen pictures of him and he walks upright, like me and y....

Take care,

Thanks - and write again soon...

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