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Subject: your defense of Tracy Morgan

Bart, funny I don't remember George or Richard or Chris ever making jokes about "special children."
Are you kidding me?
Are you talking about Carlin, Pryor and Rock?
They became rich and famous for playing it safe and avoiding touchy subjects?

The word retarded is an evil fascist word if there ever was one.

It's just a word - like 'shoe' or 'nigger' - it is YOU who gives the word so much power.
If YOU didn't give that word power, it would fade into nothingness.

If you have to stoop that low to try and be funny then you're in the wrong business.

I imagine that would surprise George, Richard and Chris.

Tracy Morgan's getting attacked because he's an asshole not because he is black.
Or did you make a defense of that moron because you like getting lots of hate mail?

That's a borderline stupid question.

Have you ever heard
George, Richard and Chris?

I'm about the less PC person you're ever likely to meet ( ! ) but I never attack children,
especially special ones, nor do I defend those who do!

Then you must hate George, Richard and Chris.
On this subject, you are as PC as Pat Robertson and Sarah Palin.

What's funny about cancer?
What's funny about racism?
What's funny about people from Kentucky?
What's funny about cheating on your wife?
What's funny about crooked politicians?
What's funny about people who shop at Walmart?
What's funny about a POW Camp in WWII?
What's funny about the differences between men and women
What's funny about
the differences between Whites and Blacks?
What's funny about religious insanity?

Please make a list of the subjects standup comics are allowed to mention.

I'll pass it on to the funniest people on the planet so they'll know
to stay within the Ernest Boundaries of Acceptable Topics.



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