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Subject: You are the racist  

Bart, you are the racist.

It is you who supports Affirmative Action, which is predicated on the theory
that racial discrimination has rendered black students incapable of competing with whites.

Esther, did you get those wild ideas from Rush or Beck? Affirmative Action is predicated
on the theory that if racist Republicans aren't forced to hire Blacks, no Blacks will be hired.

We know your side is racist because there are NO Blacks in the GOP that weren't appointed.
It's funny when you hire a brainless clown like Michael Tom Steele as "insurance."
Now you can't fire him because you know we'll say, "That was a race-based firing."   ha ha

My favorite is the vulgar Pigboy, Rush Limbaugh.
When he's accused of racism, he says, "Of course I'm not racist. If I was the racist dog
America says I am, would I have a nigger marry me and my third wife?"

FYI, Rush was married by Clarence "Slappy" Thomas,

The frequently-cited liberal analogy is that blacks cannot be expected to compete in a race
after having been shackled for so many years.  Leave it to racist liberals to tell black children
that their brains have atrophied.

Who told you those stupid lies, Sarah Palin or Hannity?
I hope you bought your bullshit detector at WalMart because it's not working
and they have a very liberal return policy of defective equipment.

The truth is, Blacks can't be expected to compete when Republicans hire whites only.
Again, we can tell you hate Blacks because no Republican would ever vote for one.
Besides, if it wasn't for Affirmative Action, Slappy Thomas might be cleaning toilets today.

With friends like you and your fellow patronizing white liberals, blacks need no enemies.

That makes no sense.
Why would anybody need an enemy?

Non-rich Blacks vote almost exclusively for Democrats.
Are you saying Blacks are too stupid to know who their friends are?
It sure sounds like it.

I have a feeling that, without Rush and Beck telling you how to answer,
you're kinda lost and unarmed in a battle of wits.

You Democrats have controlled America's inner cities since the Depression,
and the result is that blacks have become a permanent urban underclass.

Rich Republicans control most of the businesses in America.
Until they let go of their hate of dark skin and start hiring Blacks,
there will always be a permanent urban underclass.

Besides, whites have the luxury of money being passed down to them.

Take the vulgar Pigboy - his dad was a judge so Rush grew up with money.
How many Black judges do you think America had in the fifties?

Same for that idiot George Bush.
His daddy was a rich and powerful man, so he was born into great riches.
Hell, his Grandpa Prescott was Hitler's Bagman.

If Blacks had been accepted in the thirties, a Black man could've been Hitler's Bagman
and then his children wouldn't have grown up dirt-poor in some inner-city ghetto.

If that idiot Bush had been born Black in Mississppi
he'd probably be doing life in prison for selling crack cocaine.

If this was a footrace, white people have a ten mile head start

and Republicans wonder why "the lazy niggers" can't catch up?

Vile liberals like you have deliberately made them dependent on government
so that they would feel compelled to vote for your unpatriotic, socialist agenda.

There you go again - Blacks are too stupid to know who their friends are?
Esther, try to put the hate away - I know you can do it.

Maybe if the GOP would stop working all-nighters to come up with new way
to screw the Blacks, you never know - you might get them to vote your way.

Look at Arizona today.
The Republican governor kept screaming about "all those headless bodies in the desert,"
but it turns out there aren't any.

McCain keeps talking about the "massive crime wave that's destroying our cities,"
yet the FBI says crime is flat or actually down in our southernmost cities.

In other words, you guys are telling lies to get racist whites to rail against "the darkies,"
If those "darkies" are such a menace, why do you have to fabricate the evidence?

What is it about dark skin that scares Republicans so much?
And since you hate people with the "wrong" skin color, how does this boner get a pass?


Your racism is self-evident, self-serving and depraved.

It is not.
My racism is controlled and caged.

It cannot be camouflaged by projecting your depravity upon others.

My depravity?
As always, that would depend on to whom I'm being compared.

Am I depraved compared to George Bush, who lied 5,000 soldiers into their graves?

Am I depraved compared to Dick Cheney, who made torture legal and acceptable? (In GOP circles, only.)

Am I depraved compared to those Halliburton assholes who made drugged, anal-rape legal in Iraq?

Am I depraved compared to the Republicans who fought to keep drugged, anal-rape legal?

Am I depraved compared to Larry "wide stance" Craig?

Am I depraved compared to Ted "sell me some meth and I'll blow you" Haggard?

Am I depraved compared to Glenn Beck, who raped and murdered a girl in1991?

Am I depraved compared to Sean Hannity, who raised money for the families
of fallen soldiers but then kept the money for himself?

Am I depraved compared to Bill O'Reilly, who harrassed a female staffer
and then paid her big millions of dollars to drop her lawsuit to avoid a trial?

Am I depraved compared to Rush Limbaugh, who married a fourth "beard" after
he was caught coming back from the child prostitution capital of the world with Viagra?

Trust me, Esther, I'm as clean as fresh-fallen snow compared the caught-perverts you admire.

To view true racism, you need only stare into the nearest mirror...
assuming your stomach can handle the excruciating trauma.

You can scream "racist" until you become blue as a Smurf,
but Black people like Democrats and they can't stand racist Republicans.

That should provide you with some material for a good rant.
Let's see what you can do with it, Mister Comedian. I'm expecting greatness.

Expecting greatness from an Okie with an IQ of 64
is probably another example of how bad your judgment is.

Maybe you should do more listening and less talking.
Maybe you should stop getting your "facts" from FOX News and talk radio.

A once-great singer wrote, "There's still time to change the road you're on."

Isn't Racism Road getting a little bumpy for you?

You've tried the vinegar - it didn't work.
Why not give the honey a try?   We know that works.

Why not join us on the "With liberty and justice for all" super-highway?

If you don't, that hate will just keep eating you up.
You have nothing to lose but your bigotry, which you inherited like I did

You can do it, Esther - I know you can.


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