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Subject: re: First Lady Gaga - Esther returns! 

At a time when Americans are suffering economically,
Her Exalted Highness stays in a $3000 per night hotel room.

Talk about being politically tone deaf!

Even Thurston Howell III had greater sensitivity to the common folk.

And you know that GOP criticism of Michelle Antoinette isn't racially motivated,
because if it were then Republicans would also be bashing that African American
whom true racists always target for ridicule...  ...Tiger Woods.
 Esther the Republican

Esther, I'm so surprised - you have it all wrong.

The Secret Service tends to put the First Lady in secure hotels.
What's more secure - the room she got in Spain or a Motel 6?

Plus, you're cheating - Pigboy-style, even.
You're not saying First Ladies should stay in Motel 6s, only Michelle.
I'm not going to say that's racist of you - I'm sure there's another reason.

When Pickles took trips, you forgot to complain about how wasteful that was.
Is it OK when a Lady from the South wastes money?

I can imagine your howl if she'd stayed in simple quarters, with the people.
I imagine you'd say that was an affront to the dignity of the White House.

Remember the crap your side threw at Clinton for moving to Harlem?

Besides blowing his brains out, what could Obama do to make you guys happy?
You want him to repair the Bush Damage faster?

And of all the hundreds of Black people who've achieved riches and fame,
why is it only racist to criticize a cheating, profane cry-baby like Ol' Eldrick?

You claim the "true" racists go after Eldrick?  Really?
Do the racists hate Eldrick for giving racist Rethugs cover at Augusta?

Seems like they'd be greatful for that little favor.

It's always nice to hear from you, Esther.


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