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Esther trash-talking  

According to the National Park Service, after the Obama Inauguration liberals left behind
tons of garbage in the streets.  Yet after the Beck rally, the streets were cleaner than before
conservatives had arrived. It is the perfect metaphor for American politics.

Conservatives believe in cleaning up after themselves like, you know...adults.
Liberals demand that someone else clean up after them.

And feed them.
And give them money.
Big Mommy Government must care for the hapless little tykes.

The symbol of the Democrat Party should be a pair of soiled Pampers.
You can put'em on that obnoxious donkey of yours.

Esther, you have made a claim without any foundation.
I believe this is what's causing your lack of sanity.

Best guess is you heard Rush or some FOX idiot make that claim
and you, because your brain believes the crap from the Right, believe them.

It could have been a believable story if, say, Beck's people took precautions ahead of time
to be sure there were plenty of trash barrels around, coupled with semi-constant reminders
from the stage that all trash needed to be disposed of properly, etc.

...but that didn't happen.

Your premise is so riddled with horseshit, it's hard to comprehend.

BTW, Obama's inauguration drew the biggest crowd in Washington history.
There were less than 90,000 for Beck's "I Hate that Nigger" rally, so yes,
the biggest crowd in DC history will naturally leave more trash than a tiny, Beck-sized crowd.

The fact that you have to fabricate lies against the Left tells it all.

The Left is not trash-oriented, but the a-holes at FOX can't come up with legitimate
claims to make against us - so they make shit up.  And people like you buy their lies.

That should bother you - that your heroes are lying to you.

If *my*  heroes lied to me, I'd get new heroes, but I know you'll stick with
Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc no matter how many times they get caught lying.

They know you'll stick with them, too,
which is why they have no incentive to stop lying.

Rally organizers had a permit for crowd of 300,000, but only 87,000 showed up.
Looks like Glenn Beck is only 1/4 as popular as he thinks he is.

I enjoy these little tangles with you, but they also make me sad.
You're probably a nice lady, but you believe stuff that just isn't true.

And I can tell you heard some lying FOX a-hole make that untrue claim
because had you read that online, you would've included the link.

Those multi-millionaire liars have you completely fooled and you believe
the race-based crap the
multi-millionaire liars are selling you.

If I believed in religious insanity, I'd pray for you.
Since I'm a realist, all I can do is point to the truth and hope you see it.

If you ever get the urge to move towards realism, sanity and truth,
I'll do what I can to help.

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