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Subject: Euro-trash responce to Steve

Hey Bart,
Thanks for setting Steve straight about Europe. 
As a former American who's never coming back across the pond to live, may I add....

Nice that you measure the costs of WWII in oil, Steve.  Over here we tend to think more of the soldiers who died.  
In fact, our Memorial Day is not just a day off and picnics. We honor the victims and most of the population 
participates in that, which is probably why so many American and Canadian vets come across to visit every year.  
Your arrogance would be forgivable if you had fought your way up the beach at Normandy, but (unless you're 
over 60) you have done absolutely nothing to contribute to what made America great.  Your false pride is 
obsolete and your hysteria over high gas prices is quite funny from over here.

While I'm at it, just a few of the other things that make me love this place,...
1. Our democracy and constitution is still in tact
2. We didn't illegally invade and occupy another country
3. We still observe Habeas Corpus
4. My government doesn't torture people.
5. We don't make prostitution illegal in public so that Governors, prosecutors, 
    judges and police officers can persecute them by day and use their services by night.
6. Guaranteed health care, as Mr. Bart mentioned.
7. Guaranteed unemployment insurance.
8. Nobody goes homeless unless they choose to be, and though my taxes SEEM high, they are actually 
    the same as yours after you add SS and health insurance to your tax bill, and I'm happy to contribute 
    to a society that helps those unfortunate who really need it.
9. After a catastrophe, help is there immediately and practical and psychological support continues for the victims.
10. A pension plan that follows me job to job (can't loose it all if laid off one year before retiring)
11. I'm considered equal under the eye of the law here and I am married to my same sex partner just like everyone else who is married.
12. 10 % of our population is not in prison.
13. We don't spend millions on a prohibition of drugs while home grown weed being our number one cash crop.
14. Instead of a 'lesser of two evils', 'winner take all' system of government, we have a truly representative 
      government. If my party only gets 15% of the vote, I know that 15% of the parliament will be making my voice heard as well.
15. Almost 80% of the population votes.
16. Our High School graduates can point out Canada on a map.
17. Our schools don't teach creationism in science class.
18. No matter what our political differences are, we are united under our Queen who diligently and 
      compassionately represents and embodies us all.
19. Since we already have royalty, we don't go assigning royal status to people like Paris Hilton.
20. The metric system. (it makes home improvement soooooo much easier, trust me)
21. Eight public television stations with great shows and NO COMMERCIALS!

Gosh, I could go on all day like this.
So, get over yourself, Steve, and stop riding on what your forefathers did for you, 
and start asking what you can do now for your country.
Bob Hollander

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