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Subject: Hillary complaint

Bart, thanks for answering my letter a couple of posts ago, but two of your points literally scream for a response.

1) "she never said that"??? - While you are technically right that she never literally said Obama wasn't cut out to be commander in chief, she implied that repeatedly (3 times in one CNN interview alone) when she said "McCain has passed the threshold; I've passed the threshold. Obama has a speech he made in 2002". How can a smart guy like you say "she never said that" when you know darn well she has? What has happened to you?

It's about the numbers.
McCain has been in Washington 24 years, I think, Hillary for 16 years.
Obama had two years in Washington when he decided he was our best shot at 2008.

Does it strike anybody else as arrogant that, after two years, he thought he was our best?

2) Why did you fail to respond to my main point?, which is that a Republican would never, not in a million light years, ever say that a Democrat was more qualified to be Commander in Chief than one of his Republican colleagues. I think I know why, because it cannot be defended. Where is your bullshit detector? Where is the honesty you used to show? The old Bart, while still supporting her, would have let her have it for crossing the line in such a vile and disgusting fashion.

I don't think pointing out that 24 and 16 are greater than 2 is "vile and disgusting."
Maybe she's saying after her two terms, Obama could claim 12 years experience in Washington.

And you couldn't be more wrong in your conclusion. I don't want you to lie to me...I want you to call a spade a spade, and to hammer Clinton when she deserves it. I don't how you get the impression I want to be lied to, when all I said is that go ahead and support Clinton, but quit bashing Obama and doing the Right's work for them.

Oh, so ONE of us is bashing a Democrat?
Who just used the phrase "vile and disgusting" to describe Hillary's campaign?
And are you "hammering" Obama when he deseves it?  I have a feeling the answer is no.

Finally, on what basis do you think Hillary is the "best, most qualified candidate in history"? Would the 'best candidate in history' be trailing in every single important statistical metric, have lost the most states, have fewer delegates, have less popular vote, fewer super delegates and the highest negative ratings?

I never said that - those Bart's Laws were written many years ago.
Besides, I think Lincoln might lose to the fresh-faced newcomer - don't you?

Bart, in every one of your posts you mention somewhere about all the mail you get from people deciding they've had enough of your site and you continually ask "why oh why is this happening?". It's because of ridiculous statements like 'she's the best candidate in history' that people are turning away from you. 

If I'd said that, you might have a point.
I choose not to blame you for being too new to know that the Bart's Laws are really old.

It sounds like it is YOU that wants to be lied to. You have every right to want her to win, but for god's sake be honest about it. You may like her chances, you may genuinely think she'd be the best president, but the 'best, most qualified candidate in history"???...come on.

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