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Subject: your unwillingness to face facts regarding Hillary

I don't understand your unwillingness to face facts regarding Hillary.
She has poisoned the well with the things she has said in this campaign.

You mean when she called Obama "a monster?"

No wait, that was an Obama aide screaming at Hillary.

You mean when a major Hillary backer called Obama "a f-ing whore?"

No wait, that's what Obama's gal called Hillary.

Are you saying one person can have a fight all by herself?

I used to like her and admire her, very much, but now I am completely disenchanted.
My negativity is not prompted by the fact that "the Clintons are winners" as you charge.

They are hated by the Right for being winners.
You see anybody attacking Mike Dukakis lately?
The Left hates her because she's where the voters are - in the Middle.

It's because she has crossed the line, as with comments like:
"I think that I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. 
McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House. 
And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002."

What kind of Democrat would hand the Republicans their campaign ad material?

You mean calling Obama a monster and a whore?
Odd that you only see the negatives from one side.

Also I find it odd that, with two years on the national stage, saying
"Maybe you're not ready for the hardest job in America" is seen as 
cheating and below-the-belt and yes, even racist. 

Here's what Gary Hart had to say about that: 

Why would I care what he says at
Have you convinced yourself that Gary Hart is some honest referee, here?

At one point I thought that Obama and Hillary could be running mates, 
but she has made that an impossibility.

There you go again with the horse hockey.
Want some truth?

Obama had no chance - zero chance - unless he could find a way
to get a big, nasty fight going between Blacks and the Clintons.

He was successful - along with the whore media's help.

...and you're telling me the Clintons made working together impossible?

Isn't it a pet peeve of the Left that Hillary dared to speak to Scaife?
That Hillary dared to take a trip somewhere with McCain?
That Hillary dared to work on medical file updates with Gingrich?

And you see the Obama-Clinton feud as proof that she can't work with people?
Maybe Mr. Reach-Across-the-Aisle isn't as easy to work with as he claims.

Apparently Hillary thinks that if she doesn't win the nomination, she would prefer
that McCain beats Obama in November, so that she can run in 2012.

Obama is unknown - nobody knows a thing about him - so naturally people are 
going to wonder if the fresh-faced newcomer is really ready for such a big job.

How do you blame that on Hillary?

Think how different 2008 would be 
if Obama's lust for power wasn't in such a hurry.

Sure, Hillary's got some lust, too, but she's been here 16 years.
Obama's the one in a big hurry to be president.

Maybe it's "The fierce urgency of now?"

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