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Subject: why women faint at an Obama rally

The answer is easy.  First, the make you stand in line for hours.  I mean HOURS.  
I've been to 2 Obama rallies here in SC.  They were both the same. 

The 1st one I stood outside in the freezing cold for 2 ½ hours just waiting to get inside the building.  
THEN, once I got in, they herded and packed us in like cattle and made us stand, yes STAND  
at least 1 ½ hour longer waiting on him, packed in there like sardines.  I thought I would faint too. 

The second time I went through that I had to wonder if it wasn't an intentional brain washing 
technique to make so tired and then psychologically malleable after the hardship of standing, 
thirsting, and waiting so long.  Been to lots of political rallies - His distinctly have this signature  
Just a theory . What do you think?
 Renee, Columbia SC

I can understand somebody waiting in line for hours to hear Obama talk the first time,
but why would you stand in line so long the second time?

If I stood in line that long, I'd want the candidate to say something besides, "Yes we can."

I recorded a couple of Obama speeches and you wait and wait for him to say something 
but he never does.  I could play those in a Bartcop radio show - but he never says anything!

Those of us who aren't under his spell wonder what's going on.
Does he think his people don't want to hear any specifics?
Does he think his followers are too young to care about any details?

The old "Check my web site for details" is a trick Bush used so he'd never 
have to learn what his policies were - he'd just tell people go to his web site to 
see what his smarter handlers wrote.

Obama is the 2008 version of the guy we'd most like to have a beer with.
Why can't the Democrats learn?

Reminder: This war should be over by Wednesday, right?
They say even if Hillary wins the Texas popular vote, Obama will still 
get the delegates, so it seems there's nothing that can stop the Obama beatification.

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