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Subject: What happened to you, Bart?

Dear Bart, you wrote:

> "So, in the non-degreed white majority, only 36% will vote for Obama?
> "Does that make anyone else a little nervous?"

Do you know why?  Bart, what happened to you? 

That's a hard questtion to answer with the info I have so far.

I haven't been to your site in a while, mainly because you seemed to be trying to straddle the fence
on Obama and Hillary.  Only 36% will vote for him because, well, God, there are so many things 
more than hinky with him.  Have you heard about him staying in an anti-American, anti-white church 
for twenty years?  Making the pastor of that church his "moral compass"?  Doing dirty deals with 
Tony Rezko?  Being buddy-buddy with Bill Ayers, who, as recently as 2001 said he should have 
been a better terrorist against the United States?  Being a do-nothing "present" voter during his state 
senate stint?  Lying endlessly about his roots and his record?  I could go on, but I have to assume 
you've been hearing about this poseur for as long as I have.

I'm "straddling the fence" because I realize there IS a tomorrow.
Most every pundit in the business has bet his/her career on Obama and that's super-foolish.

If Hillary gets the nomination, Eddie and Randi and Olbermann and Kos and Parry and Huffy
will have the option to abandon every position they've taken this year OR spend the next 
four years attacking their own Democratic president which will put them out of business.

Somehow, I'm smart enough to not bet my cojones on one candidate or the other.
When this is over, I'll still have my cojones, and hopefully, some income.

No one who cares about this country should vote for Barack Obama.  It's time to set aside 
the racist bullshit and see it for what it is.  This guy is, at best, an opportunistic pretender, 
or a set-up, groomed and paid for to make sure McCain gets in the White House at worst. 

Or, he could be a good guy who's ambition got the better of him before he was ready to handle it.
I realize you have strong opinions, but do you have any proof?
If you do, don't wait until we nominate him - tell us right now.

The latter would explain the MSM's major love for him, and willingness to lie now and say he has won. 
He hasn't.  He has not gotten 2209 delegates on his side.  Until he does, no matter how much 
David Axelrod and the media say it's over, it's not.

Do you remember 2000?   America's lying whore media decided Bush won, and Gore remained 
silent long enough for that idea to take hold and he ended up losing everything because the media 
branded Bush a winner and Gore became the "sore loser."

While the GOP rushed hundreds of goons to Florida to fake riots and pretend "the people" wanted Bush,
Gore told all Dems to stay away because that was "the right thing to so."   Once the false idea takes hold,
it's damn tough to shake, so when the lying whore media says "Hillary has lost," people will believe them.

Pick the hammer back up, Bart.  You are in the business of protecting America, and it definitely needs 
protecting from this no-judgment huckster.  He wasn't vetted, and it shows.  Take a walk over to and see for yourself.  The people over there remind me of you - lots of brains, 
lots of fight, lots of piss and vinegar. 

Don't go quietly into that good night, Bart. 
Come back and fight!

Faith, I don't hate Obama, I just think he's an unknown - so far.
I can't give my Nancy Grace Guarantee that he's a fake, a fraud and a liar.

Maybe Obama is all the bad things you say he is, 
but I won't attack him personally unless I see some proof..

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