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A video surfaced 

...on Youtube of Mickey Kantor, allegedly calling the poor people of Indiana, "those poor white niggers."

I heard about this from Ed Schultz, who was steaming mad - screaming for somebody's head.
"Get Carville on a camera, get Judas Maximus, let them deny this tape is real!"

He was really, the most excited I'd ever heard him - and he wasn't kidding.
So when I got home, I went to and clicked on his link.

Sure enough, it SEEMS like that's what Mickey Kantor said - but you
can only tell what he said becuase they typed "his words" on the screen.

Since they had to do that to "sell" the tape, that means the sound is so bad, it needs to be 
enhanced by the closed captioning on the screen or you wouldn't "know" what he was saying.

So what does Big Eddie do?

Well, Big Eddie isn't thinking very clearly these days.
You see, he's got that Hillary Fever and it's wormed itself deep into his brain.

Basically, Big Eddie went "all in" and declared the tape real.

Eddie took a giant gamble there, one that I'd never take.

Eddie is giving you his Nancy Grace Guarantee that this video is real.
Eddie is, to some degree, betting his credibility that this tape is real.
Eddie'a making a rookie mistake - he's Pierre Salinger a decade too late!

It's not only real, but it's shocking, too.
It's not only real, and it's not only shocking but it's also "Must See" video.
"If you just see one video this month - this is that Must See video!"   

Right,  Eddie?

So then I clicked on

I was surprised - they were acting very adult about the issue.
They treated this as a possible news story, instead of a flaming call-to-arms!

Look at that - they even printed Kantor's denial with the word "exonerated" nearby.

Am I really seeing this?
Responsible reporting on

Is Arianna all right?
She didn't have a stroke or anything, did she?

Poor thing, I hope she gets well soon.
Meanwhile, whoever's running her blog seems like a professional.


...what is Arianna doing - getting 177, 923 views on Rev Wright's wild rantings 
while Obama is complaining that cable and internet are running that spew of lies on a loop?

Is Arianna unfairly trying to tie Obama to Rev Wright?

Why would you Obama backers take that from her?

Do you see Ol' Bart running Rev Wright's nutty speech on an endless loop?
No, because we don't stoop to that level - we play fair as often as we can.
Making money off hate speech isn't what I'm about, but I'm not everyone.

It just goes to figure...
I try to say something nice about Arianna - and then I have to take it back.

Hey, Arianna - how much money is enough?

Why don't you do us all a favor 
and take that anti-Obama link down?

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