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Subject: Barack and Hillary

Hey Bart,

I'm not a fan of either one.  
I just think it's hugely important that a Democrat win this November.  
This country can't survive a third Bush term.

I agree.

And when I read about polls that indicate 50% of the people will not vote for Hillary 
under any circumstances, I just think that's too big an obstacle for her to overcome.

I disagree, and I fail to see why people say that.

Gore had a good approval rating, but the GOP bastards with their lying media
and dirty tricks brought him down to less than 50% and he lost (Don't argue.)

Kerry had a good approval rating, but the GOP bastards with their lying media
and dirty tricks brought him down to less than 50% and he lost. 

It doesn't matter what a poll says months or years in advance.  

After the GOP slime machine and the American whore media lie about the Democrat, 
his approval will be less than 50% on election day and the bastards win again - unless
that Democrat is a tenacious fighter who can make them eat their accusations.

Obama is untested. 
His only victory was over Alan Keyes, who even the Republicans know is insane.
Obama can apparently win a contest with the Republicans and the media fawning over him,
but he won't have either of those allies when he runs against Mr. Stars and Stripes in November.

To vote for Obama, you have to forget that the Clintons were our only double victors since FDR,
but the Democrats aren't putting "victory" at the top of their want list this year.

I hope Obama surprises us with a victory, because the last thing 
I want to say after the November election is, "I told you so."

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