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Subject: Faun Otter's GOP joke

Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich are walking down the street
when Limbaugh tells Romney, "You're out of touch with the common people,
the one's who earn less than a half million a year. You need to connect with them."

So he takes them into the local McDonalds for lunch. They grab a booth and after
a while Gingrich asks Mitt what he thinks of the place. "I'm not impressed.
We've been here ten minutes and not one person has come by to take our order."

"You idiot," says Limbaugh. "Let me show you how it's done."

He looks around and sees a drunk woman with bleach blonde hair who is staggering
about between the tables. She's in four-inch black stiletto heels and has a red dress
that is so short he can see her underwear.

As she wobbles by their table, Rush shouts at her, "Hey, slut! Bring me three
double cheese burgers, three super sized fries and a gallon of Coke, no ice.
And bring some food for my friends as well, you damned hooker!"

Newt Gingrich looks up and says, "C'mon Rush, that's no way to talk to my wife."

  ha ha

  Dude, good one.
  All GOP wives jokes are officially funny until Obama wins the election.

  Consider: Between them, Newt and Pigboy have seven wives, and they
  want to lecture ME ( 36 years, one woman) about the sanctity of marriage?


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