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Subject: FireDogLake and killing the Health Insurance Reform Bill (a.k.a. why you are wrong) 

I would give you a big long explanation of why FDL is "against HCR" as you put it (which is not accurate; 
they are against this specific bill, which is regressive, unpopular, and they believe, will be very damaging for 
the country and especially for the democrats once people realize what the bill actually does).

But Glenn Greenwald did the most important point of it here: 

For why FDL is specifically against the bill as it is now, you should take it from the horse's mouth: 

But I will sum it up for you:

- Huge damage to a woman's right to choose, most since the Hyde Amendment.
- Will force Americans to be be serfs of the insurance companies via the individual mandate, at pain of penalty from the IRS.
- Will not actually do much to stop recision, as the main reason people are denied coverage is due to fraud, which this bill does nothing about.
- The bill's ability to stop recision due to pre-existing conditions comes in the form of a $100 a day fine to the insurance company.  
  You might know this better than me, but that sounds like a lot cheaper than paying for the daily hospital bills of a terminally ill patient.
- It will make it impossible to get any real change to the system passed for years to come, and offers no way towards a better system
  (no drug reimportation, no public option, no nothing).
- Does not repeal the anti-trust exception the industry enjoys, which lets them collude and drive prices through the roof.

Even auto insurance isn't something you are forced to buy...only people who want to drive cars need it.  
But everyone needs health insurance (except the ultra rich bastards).

This bill will make us feudal vassals of the insurance companies, whose job it is to deny saving lives to maximize profits. 

Not to mention, this bill does nothing about HEALTH CARE, and hospitals are the other side of this shit sandwich.  
They can charge you 3000% markup for basic drugs!

So that's why they are against it.  And why I am as well.
- Mike 

It would seem we have three options:
We can accept the new plan as the best we can get this year
We can let the Rethugs destroy Obama, empower themselves and keep the broken system we have now.
We can compare what's possible to some mythical "perfect bill" that's not going to happen.

Number Three doesn't exist and One beats Two - so what do you suggest we do?

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