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Subject: Federal contracting

Yo Bart,

I work for a government agency in the Department of BLANK

Ever since Bush was elected, we have now started receiving occasional memos from our commissioner 
stating that any involvement in political actions that have to do with our jobs can result in us essentially 
being fired.  This would include making the American public aware of the waste of their tax dollars as we,
the government workers, contract more and more of our work to high priced private contractors.  

Then, under a process called "A-76" (Google it) government workers are forced to compete with
private industry for OUR jobs.  This is an arbitrary process with no ground rules and it is amazing the 
amount of money going to private companies.  What happens, for you unknowing citizens, is a 
contracting company will offer a worker for example, at $100/hour.  The actual worker makes $40 
while the contractor in the expensive suit who doesn't do a #$@# thing, pockets $60/hour.  

The Bushies then tout that they are doing government work cheaper at $40/hour while getting rid of
the government person who may have made $45/hour   (this is all hypothetical).  Yes, the taxpayer is 
getting robbed in the name of Bush stating that government is getting smaller - yet you notice that 
government spending is going through the roof - to private contractors.  

Most government workers hate this administration as we see the corruption coming into our agencies.  
Gail Norton was so crooked - she was one of the first of this administration to bail.    We keep our 
fingers crossed that she will not escape from her illegalities.  I would encourage other government workers 
to write and relate what they have seen.  It is appalling and the public would go nuts if they 
knew what was going on.  The Park Service can't repair cabins, the Forest Service caters to private industry, 
BLM is selling public lands to private owners - WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!  

I have a saying - "People don't do a damn thing until a problem shows up on their doorstep"  - what happened 
to a country that stays AWARE and acts BEFORE the damage is done.  We are stupid, greedy and selfish - 
if it doesn't impact us personally, then let it slide - but by God, if it touches OUR wallet, or OUR home, 
or OUR lifestyle, THEN comes the indignation - and a call for a reality show - seriously - society has changed 
and by the time people open their doors to see what has arrived on their doorsteps, it's going to be too late.  
ALL government workers at the career level see it - and it sucks.

Anonymous for fear of losing my job.

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