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Locations of visitors to this page

Subject: your page and your radio show

I love the site and try not to make it there every day. 
The main draw for me has always been your political take on things. 
I can get news anywhere, but I like to see what you say about it. 

You have two great strengths. 
You can see the main point and the bigger point and put it in perspective. 
And you have a way of saying things that are great for arguments
(for example saying you want to go back to the tax code of Reagan).

I also have to admit, and I am sure I speak for many readers, that I love
a good Monkey Mail.  It is always fun to see a monkey get its ass kicked. 
But there is nothing sadder than some ‘former’ reader throwing a hissy fit when he leaves.

But there are a lot of other things I like about the page.  Poker bores me, but I love
your write ups on of some games.  I like the tequila comments.  Actually it would be fun
to hear more of that.  For each radio show you should get a Mini of a different kind of
tequila and gives us a review.  Especially for a really bad one - I would pay money to hear that. 
Ha ha. 
The history links are cool.  I never get them but I love to see the answer the next day.  Same with the city.

Have you ever noticed there are no shows about bad doctors?  Bad cops, yes. 
Lots of shows with evil lawyers.  But the doctors all work 18 hrs days to help the poor orphans. 
As someone who works with physicians I can tell you it is all about the money. 
There is no group so misrepresented in TV and movies as doctors.

The radio show is not a big sell for me mostly because of the format. 
It takes me a while to download it to my Ipod for the drive to work. 
But I do like them.  Obviously the shows with all the clips are fun. 
I like it when you go off on some mostly unconnected story. 
You also have a good laugh.

I especially like the music sections. 
I don’t watch American Idol mostly because I hate the music. 

You want to know why people live in California? 
The LA Times this weekend had a list of the 50 greatest LA bands. 
This is just LA and doesn’t include San Fransisco. 

The list included The Doors, Metallica, Guns and Roses, Motley Crue,
Megadeth, Slayer, The Germs, The Runaways, N.W.A., Suicidal Tendencies…..
It goes on.

   Anyway, thanks for the site. 

-Oh you should get someone to draw a caracature of you. 
That might be funny.

Chuck, I always appreciate the feedback - thanks.



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