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Subject: feeding the beast

    McCain's refusal to participate in any sort of campaigning until a financial decision is reached in America, combined with his creepy grinning at the unprecedented meeting today has to be the biggest blunder ever made by a presidential candidate to date.

    It can only mean one of two things and they are both totally unacceptable for the potential leader of the free world. The first is that he simply can't handle all the stress...already! 

    The second is that he is so totally focused on pushing this financial deal through as is, that he is blinded by it because he may be getting a huge kickback if it goes through without a glitch? Take your pick of either one of these scenarios, they are both a disaster for the American people.
    As time goes by, one day at a time, McCain and Palin seem to both be incapable of hiding their true colors, and it's actually an embarrassment  to our country that either one of these goofballs somehow made it to such a high position in government.

    In a very strange way this disaster may be a blessing in disguise because at the very least, it finally has brought a huge increase in unity to bipartisan America. When both parties balk at the ridiculousness of these proposals, there is no way we can miss that it totally stinks, and some  unknown entity is trying to play their "Endgame" at our expense, as usual.
    Some sort of "fix" will have to be crafted, but maybe the longer it takes, the better. I personally hope that it takes until Nov 4th. Then there will only be one participating candidate to vote for. If Bush is saying, "Hurry, hurry", then it can only be to our advantage if we slow down.
    Disappointed that you can't hear McCain's debating? I sort of am too. It couldn't possibly be any more amusing though than the memorable debate of 1992 when Admiral James Stockdale, Ross Perot's running mate, turned off his hearing aid before the start of the questions about the economy.
    Hearing loss, and shut eyelids soon turned out to be a short nap while standing up which he actually had to be awakened from, to which he responded that he didn't know anything about the economy so he decided to take a short nap through that part of the debate. Of all the debates since the beginning that had to be the most memorable moment of all and I think McCain is terrified about repeating it, or maybe bursting out into a tirade which he almost did today.
    Ronald Reagan, at his most senile wasn't nearly as much of a threat to our national interests as this man is already.

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