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Subject: Ferraro Fallout

Bart, you need to read the entire text of Geraldine Ferraro's interview. She is (was) speaking
positively of Senator Obama's candidacy.  The Obama campaign has done the ultimate in
spinning of what was meant to be a positive look at him.  The Obama camp should be ashamed.
Thank you for your time.
 Cindy in Bastrop, Texas

Ferraro's right.  Why is that so politically incorrect to state the simple fact of Obama's racial background?
The voters are not ignoring that fact.  It's like ignoring the 300 lb gorllla in the room.  Try as you might,
it is still there.  Stupid people vote for stupid leaders.  That's how Bush was elected TWICE.
I truly respect your tenacity.

Let me help you here. If CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Hannity, Rush, Republican bloggers, talk shows
and talk radio point out the obvious and state that blacks are voting for Obama, it is NOT racist.
If Bill Clinton, Ferraro or any other Dem blogger says it, it IS racist. 
Hope this helps.
Stop being racist.

Bart, I am so sick and tired of the hypocrisy about saying anything about race in public.
Ferraro didn't say anything prejudiced, she simply addressed the issue of Obama's race
-- and suddenly everyone's ganging up on her.  Until we can discuss race openly,
without fear of swiftboating for every utterance, real race relations will never improve.

Bart,  I disagree with Ferraro's concept.
If he was a white man he'd already be anointed the next JFK and would already have the nomination.
And, if he were a white woman, he'd probably be compared to Grealdine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton.

Bart, CNN stating a fact is not the same as Ferraro stating an opinion.
Her opinion is that Obama would get less attention if he were white.
Blacks voting 90/10 for Obama in Mississippi is a verifiable fact, they either did or did not.

Well, Jesse Jackson either won Carolina 20 years ago or he didn't.

But mentioning that fact allowed Obama and the whore press to brand Clinton "a racist."
Hillary said MLK needed a president to pass civil rights legilation - another fact - but that
gave Obama and the press another opening to brand Hillary "a racist."

This isn't about fact vs opinion - this is the press vs the Clintons. The Clintons can say
"Good morning" and watch that be turned into the most horrific personal racial slur ever.

This is how we treat our best modern president?


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