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Monday - Finding Your Roots Premiere at Lincoln Center

On Monday night, Me and Celebrity Chef Chris Nirschel headed over to Lincoln Center's Rose Hall in NYC
where Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. held a private screening that wowed audiences of all ages.

The show explores his passion for genetics and genealogies in a the new PBS series, Finding Your Roots
starting this Sunday. Newark  Mayor Cory Booker, along with Civil rights veteran Rep. John Lewis of Georgia
were in attendance and also featured in the screening.

Before the show me and Nirschel had the chance to chat briefly with Mr. Booker about the docu-series and
our Fandom for President Obama. Our short conversation came right after he unintentionally stepped on my
toes more than a few times while posing for pics on the carpet (close quarters).

While posing for pics with Mr. Booker and Professor Gates, I remarked that someone on the carpet smelled great,
and Mr. Gates quickly took credit for the pleasant aroma by saying "That would be me, Quincy Jones gave me this cologne!”.
I unfortunately didn't get the name of this fragrance and had to wonder, what will he do when he runs out? Ask Mr. Jones for more?

Mr. Booker who was born in DC and raised in Highland Park N.J., learned this of his father’s side of the family
during the filming “My father was born to a single mother and really got adopted by the whole community because
she had a difficult time taking care of him,” “So I’m very curious about my father’s background, and we’ve really
had a hard stop, not knowing whence he came.”

All in all it was a fun night of cocktails, beautiful views of Central Park, passed hor dourves, and a very interesting
lesson in family history.  

   Tom Murro, Cory Booker, Henry Lewis Gates and Chef Chris Nirschel Finding Your Roots

Future episodes of the 10-part series to precede Masterpiece Theater will illuminate the family histories of
Samuel L. Jackson, Harry Connick, Jr., Condoleeza Rice, Robert Downey, Jr. and Barbara Walters, among other notable individuals.

Trailer for the show -
 Tom Murro


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