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Yosemite's Fire Waterfall 

Yosemite was gazetted as a national park in 1890. It is world famous for its rugged terrain, waterfalls
and century-old pine trees. It covers 1200 sq km and the "fire" waterfall of El Capitan is one of the
most spectacular of all scenery.

The spectacular view of the waterfall is created by the reflection of sunlight hitting the falling water
at a specific angle. This rare sight can only be seen at  a 2-week period towards the end of Feburary.
To photograph this rare event, photographers would often have to wait and endure years of patience
in order to capture them. The reason is because its appearance depend on a few natural phenomenons
occuring at the same time and luck.

1st, Is the formation of the waterfall - The water is formed by the melting of snow and ice at the top
of the mountain. It melts between the month of December and January and by the end of February
there might not have much snow left to melt.

2nd, is the specific angle of the sunray hitting the falling water - The sun's position must be exactly
at a particular spot in the sky. This occur only in the month of February and at the short hours of dusk.

If it is a day full of clouds or something blocking the sun, you can only take pictures of your own
sorry faces on the waterfall. It coincides with the fact that the weather in the National Park at that
time of the year is often volatile and unpredictable. It compounds to the difficulty of getting these pictures.

Someone did !!! and we all get to see it !


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