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Subject: Does FISA let them spy on in our own homes?

The answer would seem to be yes. 
And we, regular Americans, are wholly fucked.

Watch the video of Law Professor and Fourth Amendment expert Jonathan Turley: 

A basic transcript: ):

I mean, the Democrats never really were engaged in this. 
In fact, they repeatedly tried to cave in to the White House, only to be stopped by civil libertarians 
and bloggers. And each time they would put it on the shelf, wait a few months, they did this before,
reintroduced it with Jay Rockefeller's support, and then there was another great, you know, dustup 
and they pulled it back. . . .

I think they're simply waiting to see if the public's interest will wane and we'll see that tomorrow, 
because this bill has, quite literally, no public value for citizens or civil liberties.

It is reverse engineering, though - which the Bush administration is famous for, 
and now the Democrats are doing it -- that is to change the law to conform to past conduct.

It's what any criminal would love to do. 
You rob a bank, go to the legislature, and change the law to say that robbing banks is lawful. . . .

This is a very frightening bill. What people have to understand is that FISA itself is controversial. 
This court issued tens of thousands of warrants granted applications for surveillance without turning 
down any. Only recently did they turn down two. . . . What you're seeing in this bill is an evisceration 
of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. It is something that allows the president and the 
government to go in to law-abiding homes on their word alone, their suspicion alone, and to engage 
in warrantless surveillance. That's what the framers that drafted the Fourth Amendment wanted to prevent. . . .

Well, there's no question in my mind that there is an obvious level of collusion here. We now know 
that Democratic leadership knew about the illegal surveillance program almost from its inception. 
Even when they were campaigning about fighting for civil liberties, they were aware of an unlawful 
surveillance program as well as a torture program. And ever since that came out, the Democrats 
have been silently trying to kill any effort to hold anyone accountable because that list could 
very well include some of their own members.

And, I'm afraid this is Washington politics at the worst. 
And, so, I think that what you're seeing with this bill is not just caving in to a very powerful lobby, 
but also caving in to sort of the worst motivations on Capitol Hill since 9/11. 

You know, the administration was very adept at bringing in Democrats at a time when they knew 
they couldn't refuse, to make them buy in to this program, and now that investment is bearing fruit.

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