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Subject: we have a serious problem

I know that you've been hitched to the Hillary wagon since before there even was a Hillary wagon,
and I'm cool with that. I disagreed with you from the start, but I still loves ya, man.

Me? I voted for John Edwards on Super Tuesday-- even though he dropped-out a week before,
so I don't have a horse in this race until August. But, once Super-Duper Tuesday rolled round,
and it was becoming clear that Hill was losing the mo', suddenly, everywhere- all at once -- the
Dem-On-Dem Hate machine rolled out, and I'll tell you, -- it was at the Bartcop Forum where I
was finding the most ingeniously vicious friend-on-friend political and personal attacks.

I wouldn't know what that's like...

After four months of trying to keep the peace between the two camps, I got fed-up, and left.
From the sidelines of the Party, it looks damned ugly to see all of this bitch-slapping going on,
when the election is so painfully and simply ours to lose.

But Democrats wanted something besides victory.

You've attracted some DAMNED INTELLIGENT readers who also participate in the Forum...


Avedon Carol
Elain Riggs
American Stranger Don Waller
White Rose Society

-- are part of YOUR Family Tree-- one helluva legacy for you, and you should be extremely proud.
But, when the Forum turns on itself, it is one horrible thing to witness. (I know that you have little time
for the Forum. But some really wretched shit is piling up in its front yard.)

For me, over this past twelve years, it was that enormous brain trust that has kept me a regular
Bartcop reader and Forum participant. Debate is certainly a staple, but, DAMN-- when we've
got long-time Forum friends calling each other racists, sexists, and even worse, there is a problem.

When forever Forum denizens start leaving in droves, or leaving comments, as Wendell did,
"WOW! Has THIS Place Changed," because of the non-stop hate-slinging, that was once
reserved for aiming at Republicans, there is a problem.


Bart, your being alive and able to do what you do means a lot to ME.
I'm just not up to supporting this sort of  civil warfare right now.

Dude, your beef is legit.

Whatever's going on in the Forum, it's twice as bad in my mailbox.
Democrats are engulfed in this hateful race war - can we get past it?

How'd two smart dudes like you & me get in this party? :)

Thanks for taking the time to explain - talk to you after the merge.

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