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Subject: the truth about Fitzgerald

Hey Bart-
You want to know what happened to Pat Fitzgerald during the Rove treason investigation?
Nothing. Nothing at all.  Fitzgerald did EXACTLY what he was selected to do; 
he let another high profile thug off the hook.
A little history lesson is in order.
Remember a couple of years ago, when the Governor of Illinois commuted the sentences of 
everybody on death row, because there had been so many of the condemned who had been 
released on a technicality... that technicality being innocence?  It turned out that a lot of those 
prisoners had been tortured into confessing to murders they did not commit. Top police 
department officials KNEW or certainly should have known what was going on, and did nothing. 
The men running the prosecutors office, little Richie Daley (the present mayor), and Dick Devine 
(the present prosecutor) both KNEW or certainly should have known what was going on, and 
did nothing.  The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, one Pat Fitzgerald, decided 
NOT to go after the torturers and the crooked officials behind them.
192 innocent black men tortured into confessing to crimes which they had not committed, 
and Fitzgerald sides with torture cops and corrupt prosecutors.
When they announced that Pat Fitzgerald would be in charge of the Plame investigation, 
I knew two things: One - the people in the White House were guilty. Two - they would walk. 
Pat Fitzgerald was presented as a latter-day Eliot Ness; Untouchable, incorruptible, relentless. 
That was a load of crap. 
Those of us in Chicago knew him for what he REALLY was...a cheap political hack.
Pat Fitzgerald is not the man you go to if you want to dig out the truth...
Pat Fitzgerald is the man you go to when to want to BURY the truth.
The prosecution rests.

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