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Fixing the Economy Quotes
“When you combine the long-term unemployed with those who are dropping out
  and those who are working part-time because they can’t find anything else,
  it is just far beyond anything we’ve seen in the job market since the 1930s.”

          --  Charles McMillion, the president of MBG Information Services, an expert on employment,   Link  

 I agree, Obama isn't doing enough to change our course.
 The answer is the Bartcop Tax Plan.

 Give $1500 to every taxpayer in America and that will ease the problem.
 Trouble is, the Right would want billions for the already-rich,
 But they already own everything they need and wouldn't spend
 their windfall to stimulate the economy, which means it wouldn't help.

 Why is Obama doing nothing?

 Why did he let the home tax credit expire?
 That was selling lots of homes, then they stopped doing it,
 probably because the Bitch and the Boner called it "wasteful."

 Why did he let Cash for Clunkers tax credit expire?
 That was selling lots of cars, then they stopped doing it,
 probably because the Bitch and the Boner called it "wasteful."

 We didn't vote for the Bitch and the Boner.
 Why is Obama letting them (and Glenn Beck) call the shots?

 Obama's getting the "blame" for the financial crisis
 but he keeps doing things the GOP demands - why?

 If nothing else, Obama should call on every American with savings to take
 10% out of the bank and spend it on certain types of American-made goods.

 The economy gets better every time money changes hands.
 We just need to get money flowing again but everybody's on hold.

 A little leadership (and backbone) would get us out of this mess.
 What is Obama waiting for?


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