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From Bartcop Volume 956 - Bush loves his Oreos


"It's time to accept Trent Lott's apology and move on."
   --Mitch McConnell (R-hungry for Clinton's zipper)

 Hey, Mitch the Bitch!
 We rarely go here, but a solid "fuck you" to your idea that we move on.
 It that what you sons of bitches did with Clinton and Monica?
 "Accept his apology and move on?"

 Nooooooooooooo, you sucked on that teat for years trying to hurt him.
 You tried for years to get inside Clinton's zipper to see what you could find.
 You put the country on hold, you and your pack of horny jackals, directing
 over 200 FBI agents that could've been tracking terrorists like bin Laden.

 Remember - YOU said bin Laden's guilt was obvious and that Clinton failed to
 go after him, yet YOUR party directed over 200 FBI agents to comb thru
 Arkansas trailer parks asking if any trashy women wanted to be famous.

 Instead of protecting America, YOUR party put our law enforcement resources
 into combing thru Clinton's pubic hair for possible clues that would help your side
 solve this "important constitutional question" of Clinton's cock, you prick!

 Your zeal to screw Clinton HELPED bin Laden.
 While you and your friends were foaming at the mouth at the possibility of reversing the
 1996 elections, bin Laden's cockroaches were working with flight simulators and the FBI
 didn't notice because YOUR party gave them a job which distracted them from important work.

 So go to hell,  Mitch McConnell.
 Your boy Trent's getting rolled, and he's going to go down in history as a racist bastard
 who lost his important job because he slipped and spoke the truth a few too many times.

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