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Subject: flaw in your electric car plans

Yo, Bart!

props for turning your attention to the BP oil spill and to the need  for alternative energy.

but I feel compelled to point something out about electric cars and  alternative energy that 
nobody seems to be getting, and which is  absent from the comments of yours on the subject which I have read.

and that is that, while electricity itself may be clean, it must  still be generated BY something. 
Until we have the windmills and  solar panels up, that something will either be coal, gas, oil or nukes.

and what about those windmills and solar panels? Factories that make  that equipment require power, too, 
and until we have manufactured  enough panels and windmills to power the factories that make panels and 
windmills, they, too, will be powered, ultimately by....

.....coal, gas, oil or nukes.

"Electric cars" is a very seductive, attractive shelter to crawl into  when you look around at what we've done 
with the oil-based lifestyle  and what that costs us and the planet, but electric power doesn't  enable you to 
escape the problem of generating the power and  manufacturing the equipment that uses it.

and let's say we have cloudy, windless days? will people be happy to stay home and read a book or tend 
to their conversation skills? Hell,  no! They'll demand the ability to drive their (electric?) cars, and that means 
firing up the coal, gas, oil or nukes generating plants!!!

I know that it's extremely scary to most people the very notion of driving less, or not driving at all. 
Most people out there would  probably rather knife granny than give up driving.

but give it up we will, whether it's Peak Oil that intervenes,  environmental collapse, or (gasp!) our brains.
rock on bro!

I got a bunch of letters like this and I can't figure out why.

Yes, I actually knew that coal and oil are used to create electricity, but that's not the point.

Since I have zero time for research, I'm forced to make uneducated, IQ-of-64 guesses.
It's my guess that electric cars use about 50% less gas than combustion engine cars.

Are you saying a 50% reduction of oil imports wouldn't make much of an environmental difference?

I say you're wrong.

And if Obama would stop talking about solar energy and give out $10,000 tax credit for every
homeowner who puts $15,000 worth of solar panels on their roof, that number could drop to 25%

We either want to get off oil or we don't - its that simple.
As long as Exxon-Mobil is making $3B a month tax free,
the crooks in congress will keep us on the oil teat.

Why are we still hooked on oil?
Exxon-Mobil made $35 Billion dollars 
in tax free profits last year. 

Exxon-Mobil is bad for America.

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