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Florida land, A dream lost 

Interesting story here "A Dream Lost" about Jesse, a land investor in Florida.  

The funny thing is that ALL the Florida papers are SUCH god-damned lying, thieving, slave-plantation 
owning WHORES, that they  see ZERO, ZIP, NONE, NADA, ZILCH   _responsibility_ to INFORM 
their readers and public about the STATUS and PROGRESS of the $8.7 BILLION dollar fed/TAXPAYER 

printing all their happy, useless, bogus Bullshit, and IGNORING a story as vital to Florida's future as this one.  

The "understanding" is that Rethuglicans OWN the state of Florida - the statehouse (both house & senate),
the Gov's mansion, all the muckety-muck  bureaucratic SOBs in high offices (uhh.. maybe the Treasurer and 
a few other officials are Dems?) - and they can STEAL VOTES, elections, and taxpayer funds carte-blanche, 
with NO OVERSIGHT from the Florida WHORE newspapers, except when a local official gets caught red handed.  
(A PB County Commissioner just got sent to prison for his efforts to get a fat check for his rural property by giving 
developers a cozy county contract on a 2nd or 3rd other property.)   

"THERE WILL BE _NO_ REPORTING OR OVERSIGHT of the TAXPAYERS $8.7 billion restoration funding"
 ALL THREE of the South Florida whore papers agree.   

 It is by DESPICABLE tricks like these that Florida keeps "voting" for Rethuglican presidential candidates, 
even though Broward, Dade, and even Palm Beach County are strongly Democratic (or were till the WHORE 
local papers, Palm Beach Post, Ft. Lauderdale Scum-Sentinel, and Miami Herald the naked emperor all decided 
to LEGITIMIZE MASSIVE VOTE STEALING for fun and crony profits. )

   In 1998 the three whore papers aligned with the business community to SHOOT DOWN the 
"Penny per pound sales tax on sugar" to fund Everglades restoration.  Since big sugar was getting 
MILLIONS in fed subsidies, they could afford the losses.    But the WHORE papers SNEERED
at the enviro programs as "TAX AND SPEND LIBRULS", and sweet-talked the Big Sugar POV.  
Worse than merely defeating the Penny-per-pound Everglades Restoration plan (which Congress 
took up and passed OVERWHELMINGLY with American public support after Florida voters 
rejected it)  the WHORE Florida papers paved the way for George Idiot Bush to STEAL THE 
ELECTION in 2000,  by preparing the Right-Wing big-biz mantra in Florida voter's minds.  
AL GORE RAN INTO A BUZZSAW that had been building for 2+ years (more if you count 
the "Get Clinton" white-collar lynch-mob.)

     NO ONE IN AMERICA - and this is saying a lot - has MORE RESPONSIBILITY for the 
STOLEN ELECTION of 2000  and putting George W. Bush in the White House (and ergo, 
ALL the atrocities since) than the 3 big god-damned South Florida papers, who between them, 
couldn't report THE TRUTH on ANYTHING if their lives depended on it. 

     This article (yours) is one of the first I've read on the restoration plan in action in months.  
(Although, I must confess, I don't read the papers anymore.)   I would say that if   Jesse got 
FIVE MILLION taxpayer dollars for his  160 acres, he could have bought a nice 20 acre estate, built a 
million dollar mansion, and still had $2 million in the bank  - easy.     And he still could have had a few 
hundred thousand dollars for another investment scheme, somewhere north of the Everglades restoration plan.

   I hate to say it, but I am GLAD to hear that they are CONDEMING private property to 
RESTORE THE WATER FLOW in the Everglades, and I fear that many private landowners 
are getting WAY MORE  than their property should be worth.    God knows, the state and counties 
will CONDEMN your property in a New York second, if they want to put an expanded road, 
highway or (heaven forbid) freeway interchange where your home is. 
   KEEP SWING THAT HAMMER, Bart - we need all the help we can get after the CRAVEN, 
COWARDLY, STUPID Dems CAVED YET AGAIN - TWICE these past two weeks. 
(First CAVING IN on the Gonzales IMPEACHMENT, and then going back and retroactively 
LEGALIZING the shit that he lied about, the "UNLIMITED SPYING ON AMERICANS" fisa bill)

(PS - Hillary looked fairly intelligible tonight
 - with Keith Olberman as moderator, 
 ALL the Dem candidates looked good.) 
A Dream Lost

Jesse Hardy became disabled from a chopper jump after 14 years of service as a U.S. Navy Seal. 
In civilian life, he became involved in real estate. In those days, the best time to buy Florida property 
was during rainy season, exposing the high, dry land. In 1976, Hardy bought 160 acres in Collier 
County less than two miles south of the east-west corridor of I-75.

It is recorded as being 13-to-14-feet above sea level.

Jesse got the idea of creating 20-acre fish ponds for families to visit, camp and fish. He obtained 
necessary permits from the county and state, and proceeded to dig, selling the quality limestone 
to the county for road fill. A win-win situation.

Those who helped him with the permitting had a change of heart. The 8.5 billion dollar 
Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project (CERP) includes deconstruction of roads 
and plugging canals (originally built to drain the land and direct water to the Gulf). The intent 
of the project is to restore natural water flows. The government proceeded to buy out all 
privately owned land in South Golden Gate Estates, formerly planned for housing developments. 
Hardy, the last lone holdout realized that the Northern-most point of CERP is some eight miles 
south of his property, and that flooding cannot occur unless his 160 acres is leveled, which isn't in the plan.

Hardy and his son lived a primitive life with all the necessary commodities, clean water and air, 
a generator for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating. This was his choice. He valued his land 
above any material things in life, and was generous and willing to share his fortune with families,
in an education process of days gone by.

Hardy had one of his finished lakes stocked with fish and he and Tommy enjoyed their time fishing 
and swimming. A remarkable feat, since Tommy was born with hydrocephalus and diagnosed with 
the inability to ever walk. His grandmother asked Hardy to take him in and care for him, as cancer 
would soon be taking her life.

Today, Tommy attends school, rides a bike and performs like any boy, thanks to Hardy's custodial
love and patient willingness.

For years, Jesse Hardy fought with all his might to hang on to his homesteaded property. In the end,
at the last of twelve hours of negotiations, Hardy signed over his property to the state. He was beat and broken.

The state paid him 4.95 million dollars for his 160 acres with lakes and limestone deposits. Nowhere 
in Florida can Jesse buy another 160 acres, and certainly not with leftover cash after attorney fees. 
About half of his gains were spent on the purchase of a 2-acre lot with a modest home in Collier County.

The 55,000 acres called Southern Golden Gate Estates, South blocks, were purchased with tax dollars. 
Condemnation of 200 miles of roads, along with 25 or 30 bridges, is just a part of the growing 8.5 billion
dollar project approved by voters as "Florida Forever Project" in 1999.

Program details eluded the minds of voters, as did the expected overruns and no guaranteed results in 
achieving the desired outcome. In the meantime, private property is taken, not just by eminent domain, 
but by harassment, attorney fees, forced wetlands, mitigation fees, and saving endangered species for environmental 

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